We are excited to return to San Francisco on November 27-29, 2018 for our next conference! Biometrics are revolutionizing sports. Advances in sports science, data science, and wearable technology have created new opportunities to improve competitive performance and gain an edge on the competition. The Sports Biometrics Conference is the only conference specifically focused on the analysis of biometrics data - the measurement and statistical analysis of an athlete's physical and behavioral characteristics - to improve athletic performance.


Eric Heiden
Olympic Champion
Kirk Lacob
Golden State Warriors
Geoff Head
SF Giants
Joe Rogowski
NBA Players Assn.
Des Ryan
Michael Joyner
Mayo Clinc
Marques Colston
New Orleans Saints
Lorena Martin
Seattle Mariners


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It’s not {just} about technology.…. It’s about having evidence that something works. It’s about setting the players up for success. That includes the fuel they’re putting into their body, it includes their thoughts and their mindset, it includes their physical preparation and recovery. It’s about how those things come together and make them better able to perform on the field to help the team to win. That’s ultimately what we’re trying to do at the top level.
– Angus Mumford, Director of High Performance, Toronto Blue Jays


  • Sports Executives
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Sports Scientists
  • Sports Analysts
  • Exercise Physiologists

The conference will represent a chance for attendees to learn more about biometrics trends, tools, products, models, best practices and strategies, and an important opportunity to meet with their peers one on one, in person.

We’ll help you separate myth from reality as we provide unbiased assessments of leading edge technologies.



"We have taken a deliberate approach to determining our direction in sports science and this conference has been a significant part of that. The insightful presentations about methodologies and practical applications have sparked ideas for the types of initiatives we’d like to implement and the types of people we’d like to lead us down that path. I very much look forward to attending the next conference with our new sports scientist."- Zack Scott, VP Baseball R&D, Boston Red Sox

"One of my favorite conferences each year because of the presenters. Professionals can share their ideas and have real discussion about what they do for their athletes. Most conferences are now sales pitches and high level marketing - this one you can truly get something to take away and use while meeting other professional from different sports..” - Paul Robbins, Director of Elite Performance at STATS

"The Sports Biometrics Conference is unparalleled in the opportunities it provides to interact with a variety of professionals. The speaker line up is the most diverse and well rounded lineup with the world’s most innovative leaders in areas of sports. It provided immediate and practical strategies that I could take back to my athletes and university leadership."- Paul Chandler, Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Florida

Discover the latest developments in sports biometrics from speakers and attendees who have worked with over 100 elite sports teams, including:

Arizona State University ● Atlanta Falcons ● Boston Celtics ● Boston Red Sox ● Boston University ● Brooklyn Nets ● Calgary Flames ● Canadian Soccer Team ● Colorado Rockies ● Dallas Mavericks ● Florida State University ● Golden State Warriors ● Manchester United ● New England Patriots ● Real Madrid ● Seattle Mariners ● Seattle Seahawks ● Seattle Sounders ● Spanish World Cup Soccer Team ● University of Michigan ● US Soccer Team ● Vancouver Canucks