We are excited to return with the 6th Annual Sports Biometrics Conference! Biometrics is revolutionizing sports. The Sports Biometrics Conference is the only conference specifically focused on the analysis of biometrics data – the measurement and statistical analysis of an athlete’s physical and behavioral characteristics – to improve athletic performance. The conference represents a chance for attendees to learn more about biometrics trends, tools, products, models, best practices and strategies, and an important opportunity to meet with their peers.  Sports science at its best!


Sports Executives Coaches Trainers Sports Scientists Sports Analysts Exercise Physiologists 

Participants at our most recent conference included representatives from the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Golden State Warriors, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Oakland A’s, Ottawa Senators, Penn State, Syracuse University, Rice University, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Galaxy, Columbus Crew,  San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, the University of Alabama, New York Yankees, the US Olympic Committee and many more. 


Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with over 200 attendees affiliated with over 100 elite sports teams at the pro and college Division 1 & 2 levels. Meet with sports executives, strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, sports scientists, data analysts, exercise physiologists and more who make the decisions on equipment, wearables, and software. Please contact Bill Sell at to learn more about exhibit and sponsorship opportunities.


“We have taken a deliberate approach to determining our direction in sports science and this conference has been a significant part of that. The insightful presentations about methodologies and practical applications have sparked ideas for the types of initiatives we’d like to implement and the types of people we’d like to lead us down that path. I very much look forward to attending the next conference with our new sports scientist.” 

–Zack Scott, VP Baseball R&D, Boston Red Sox


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