What Attendees Are Saying

“The Sports Biometrics Conference is unparalleled in the opportunities it provides to interact with a variety of professionals. The speaker line-up is the most diverse and well-rounded lineup with the world’s most innovative leaders in areas of sports. It provided immediate and practical strategies that I could take back to my athletes and university leadership.”  

 — Paul Chandler, Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Florida

“One of my favorite conferences each year because of the presenters. Professionals can share their ideas and have real discussion about what they do for their athletes. Most conferences are now sales pitches and high-level marketing- this one you can truly get something to take away and use while meeting other professionals from different sports.”  

Paul Robbins, Director of Elite Performance at STATS

“The Sports Biometrics Conference was outstanding.  Hearing about the needs and experiences of front-line users along with their questions was extremely helpful and a real eye opener.”  

–Michael Joyner, Sports Scientist, developer, original “2-hour” marathon concept

“I have attended the first two Sports Biometrics Conferences. Definitely one of the best conferences I have attended recently. High quality presentations coupled with ample opportunities for discussion and sharing with presenters and participants. A great professional development experience!”

–Vern Gambetta, Founder, G.A.I.N. Network, legendary pro coach

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