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Our upcoming all-online conference dates have shifted to Wednesday, March 23rd, and Thursday, March 24th, 2022. Also, we have made the conference FREE for professionals to attend again – feedback from so many in our community is sports are back but training and education budgets not so much. Anything we can do to help out the community is important so making the Sports Biometrics Conference free to attendees from anywhere in the world will help you be there! Sign up today – no reason to hold off:

Looking to earn about 16-18 hours of CEUs? We are working on professional certification credits and have a separate ticket for that with a US $100 fee to cover the credential process.

Our conference is being updated this month and will include a number of new topics including a look at the concerns around mental health in sports training and conditioning, cross-over with esports training, and a look at some of the military strength training and conditioning programs.

2022 is again an Olympic season and as athletes around the world prepare for the games in Beijing our conference will keep track and report on how these world-class athletes handle conditioning.

Looking to sponsor? Have a suggestion for a conference topic or presenter? Let us know! +1 (508) 596-6118

Sports Biometrics Conference, March 23-24, 2022

The Sports Biometrics Conference is returning in March, close to levels of participation we experience pre-pandemic. Technology in sports never left us and new and emerging tools in sports performance and training continue to come to market. What are the latest trends? Who is working with these technologies and how effective are they? Join us at the next Sports Biometrics Conference to learn more about the tools and innovations, and to join the conversation on our Main Stage with globally renowned coaches, trainers, physicians, and technologists: two days of curated programming and education.

The Sports Biometrics Conference is designed for you, wherever in the world you are. The conference runs initially in Pacific time zone USA but the sessions are repeated for Asia/Pacific at 10 AM in Sydney time, and again for Europe/Middle East at 10 AM Central European Time. 

Registration is open now. No travel, no hotels, no meal costs just pure content when you are ready. Sports Biometrics Conference, March 23-24, 2022. 

2021 Post Conference Update

The March 2021 edition of the Sports Biometrics Conference included a tremendous mix of content from technology to performance management to medical research. Our sponsors joined us from around the world, as did attendees from over 30 countries.

Catch video replays of the sessions – check out the Agenda tab and by each session title is the video archive, and in some cases additional items as well.

To get on our mailing list for early notice on the next conference simply click the red button on the upper right corner of the page.

Thank you for checking in with the Sports Biometrics Conference – Where Data Science Meets Sports Science!

“One of the best conferences in my field. The quality of the presentations is very, very high!”

Quote from Vern Gambetta, Founder GAIN Network

With our conference registration list doubling in size compared to last year, the Sports Biometrics Conference is a great way to learn about the mix of data science and sports science. It is also a great opportunity to expand your network as a professional. Hundreds of people within the sports science world will be joining us on March 3rd and 4th to learn more about the biometrics trends, tools, products, models, best practices, and strategies used to improve an athlete’s performance and capabilities.

2020 has been a year full of changes

changes in routines, changes in workflow and one more change to add to it: the date of our next Conference. Based on feedback from a number of constituencies we need to adjust our event date to Wednesday, March 3rd, and Thursday, March 4th, 2021. Same conference, same great speakers and sponsors but now in early March. The conference registration for industry professionals remains free (non-sponsoring industry suppliers and vendors remains $995). Registration is open now and includes access to the two days of conference programming, networking with your peers, and the online expo showcase.  Register here.

New this week is another podcast for our community – this one from the famed MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference taking place next April. Jennifer Gelman, CEO of Kraft Analytics Group, and Daryl Morey, President of the Philadelphia 76ers team up now for this  new podcast where they “debunk and demystify analytics in sports with guests spanning the sports, media, business and technology space.” As you may know, Jennifer and Daryl are the duo behind the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. We’re excited to be able to add them to our growing podcast program! 

March 2021Sports Biometrics Conference and a lot is happening

Starting off with the conference registration now being FREE to all industry professionals. The board decided on how the pandemic has impacted so many sports programs at the college and pro level, budgets are tight or non-existent but training and education are still needed. Let’s continue to bring our community together to learn and network and see where 2021 takes us.

Early registration has been excellent with over 150 already signed up, bringing us over the 2019 total registration level. Signing up is quick and easy.

Here is a sampling of some of the conference: 

  • Day 1 @ 11:15 AM PT Session – Athlete Talent Identification. Presenting is Dr. Peter Tingling, a professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver with Len Zaichkowsky, PhD Professor Boston University (retired)
  • Day 1 @ 1:30 PM PT Panel discussion – Psychophysiology in elite sport: What it is and what it is not. Presenting are Lindsay Shaw, Ed.D, US Olympic & Paralympic Committee and Len Zaichkowsky, PhD Professor Boston University (retired).
  • Day 2 @ 9:30 AM PT Session – Application of Sport Science Data in Professional Team Sports. Presented by Andy O’Brien: Director of Sport Science and Performance, Pittsburgh Penguins, National Hockey League
  • Day 2 @ 12:30 PM PT Session – Jump Mechanics for Readiness and RTP. Dr. Matt Jordan, introduced by Paul Robbins, Director of Performance STATS

Full conference agenda online. We will be announcing a couple of additional excellent panels in the next few days…stay tuned!

It’s not too late to register, and if you have a product or service and would like sponsor information contact us at or (508) 596-6118.

Don’t let the scaled-back nature of sports in 2020 hold you back from fully participating – with the conference all online you save time, travel costs, and get to the training faster!

What will your peers be doing on March 3 & 4, 2021

Many are planning to join us at the online program of Sports Biometrics Conference. Look who is already registered:

Auburn Univ – Boston Red Sox – Chicago Bulls – College of Charleston – Columbus Crew – Davidson College – Detroit Tigers – Drake Univ – Duke Univ – Edmonton Oilers – Fairleigh Dickinson Univ – Florida Gators – Florida Marlins – Georgetown Univ – Indiana Pacers – James Madison Univ – Liberty Univ – Manhattan College – National Basketball Association – New York Yankees – Northern Michigan Univ – Oakland Athletics – Philadelphia Phillies – Princeton Univ – Rice Univ – Rider Univ – Sacramento State Univ – San Diego State Univ – San Jose Sharks – Santa Clara University – Southern New Hampshire Univ – Stanford Univ – Univ Alabama Birmingham – Univ Alberta – Univ California Berkeley – Univ California Santa Barbara – Univ North Carolina – Univ of Arkansas – Univ of Maryland – Univ of Minnesota – Univ of Pittsburgh – Univ of Virginia – Univ Oregon – Univ Sioux Falls – Villanova Univ – Washburn University

Shouldn’t you reserve your seat today? Check out the agenda and then sign up. It’s free to attend, courtesy of our Conference Board and the sponsors.  

Education is so important to your career and job today. Free education (last year this was $695 in person for two days) is very important. Don’t wait – join these peers and meet many more online live.


Email the Conference Manager:  Looking to sponsor? Email that same address.

Wednesday, March 3, and Thursday, March 4 2021 all online.

Sports Biometrics

The March 2021 Conference Announcement

2019 Conference Presenter

San Francisco (July 2020) – The March 2021 edition of the Sports Biometrics Conference has been announced, the fifth year for this innovative conference. According to conference manager Bill Sell “We are building on the great content and the many innovations in sports science for the March 2021 program. A lot has changed in sports and the world around us since the most recent conference and the Sports Biometrics Conference will help strength trainers and coaches with professional and college level teams better understand and navigate the options.”

The Sports Biometrics Conference is heavily built around research and innovation along with a solid look at neuroscience and sports psychology with leading practitioners from across the globe joining us as presenters and attendees. The most recent 

conference included representatives from over 49 professional and 37 collegiate teams in the USA, Canada and Australia. Two dozen companies presented solutions in the accompanying exhibit program. 

“2020 will be a bit different with social distancing recommendations and state and local restrictions on the number of attendees in person at one time. We are excited about the new online program as a fully interactive platform during the pandemic,” continued Sell. A two-day conference is being developed by the Conference Advisory Board and will be posted on the website by mid-August. For sponsoring, speaking or attendance information please contact the conference manager at or call +1 (508) 596-6118

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