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Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world’s leading biofeedback, neurofeedback, and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Our instrumentation not only monitors and records a wide variety of physiological and mechanical signals but also analyzes and provides feedback in real-time, through a variety of auditory and visual means, to promote self-regulation and conditioning.

Our equipment is used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols to treat stress-related disorders as well as to provide treatment for incontinence and muscle rehabilitation, including sEMG-triggered stimulation. On the non-medical side, they are also used in ergonomics, sports, peak performance, and educational applications – wherever accurate and sensitive psychophysiological monitoring and biofeedback are needed.

Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience develops neurotechnology to unlock human potential. The company’s first product, Halo Sport, stimulates the motor cortex during athletic training to accelerate gains in strength, endurance, and skill. Halo Sport is now live with teams and athletes from the U.S. Military, Olympics, NHL, NCAA, NFL, NBA, and MLB. Halo Neuroscience was founded in 2013 by Dr. Daniel Chao and Dr. Brett Wingeier, and is backed by top-tier investors including Lux Capital, JAZZ Venture Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz.

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For 35 years, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has helped innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward, fast. SVB provides targeted financial services and expertise through its offices in innovation centers around the world. With commercial, international and private banking services, SVB helps address the unique needs of innovators. Learn more at svb.com.

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Fusion Sport Logo

Fusion Sport develops, implements and supports a range of technologies to optimize performance and health. Put simply, we help people to strive to do their best. We do this by using leading technologies to collect accurate and reliable data, to store and manage data securely and conveniently, and to then use that data to inform, educate and assist people to analyze the past and guide the future.

Founded in January 2003 by sport scientist Dr Markus Deutsch and mathematician Dr Douglas Moore, we are a group of over 20 dedicated, experienced and highly educated sport scientists, data analysts, engineers and businesspeople. We strive to take the latest technologies available, and combine them with our experience and passion to deliver the optimal value to our clients and their organizations.

DEXA Hologic Logo

Your athletes deserve the most accurate body composition measurements. By combining DXA, the gold standard in 3-compartment body composition measurement, with the power of Dexalytics, you can take your body composition measurements to the next level.

Dexalytics’ proprietary scoring system relates body composition measurements to performance allowing you to identify the effectiveness of training and nutrition strategies and ensure that changes in body composition are functional changes that improve performance in their sport.

With the fastest scan time on the market – 3 minutes – Hologic’s DXA system measures fat, lean, and bone giving you the most accurate 3-compartment body composition measurements on your athletes and providing insight into bone health that no other modality can do.

Sparta Science Logo

Sparta Science is an industry leading solution for reducing injuries and optimizing performance with validated scientific assessments. Sparta’s force plate software is used worldwide by the military, sports organizations across all levels, and the medical community to quickly predict, diagnose, and prescribe personalized plans that reduce any physical limitations to improve an individual’s availability.

Athos Logo

Athos builds stronger, faster and more explosive athletes using their revolutionary Athos Training System (ATS). ATS captures muscle activity and heart rate with seamless apparel integration and delivers real-time feedback along with post workout recommendations that improve athletes’ training and performance. Athos is the first company to provide actionable muscle activity data to athletes and coaches using a non-intrusive and integrated platform.

Proteus Logo

Boston Biomotion, a NYC-based sports and healthtech company has developed the Proteus system, a cutting-edge hardware and analytics software that fundamentally alters and improves the way athletes and patients rehab and train. Boston Biomotion was founded in 2016 with elements of an old mechanical prototype CEO Sam Miller’s father, Larry, attempted to develop in the late 1990s for allowing athletes to replicate sport movements. Over two years of stealthy R&D, invention, and issued patents, Boston Biomotion developed the Proteus system. This new strength-training and rehabilitation solution includes: 1) a hardware that accommodates unrestricted human movement with the first-ever 3-dimensional resistance (like aquatic therapy on land) for enhanced, predictable, and measurable muscle activation; 2) integrated into a sophisticated software platform for athletes, coaches, trainers, and physical therapists that offers unique and compelling prevention, optimization, and personalization insights, drawing from first-ever human performance data.

Early technology development was validated through an equity agreement with the #1 orthopedic hospital in the US, The Hospital for Special Surgery, which provides co-development and collaboration services with their world class team of
experts spanning rehab, motion analysis, orthopedic surgery, and sports performance. The company has gone on to build an impressive network of some of the world’s most elite rehab and sports performance experts and influencers, intrigued by the company’s unique technology, and sharing the belief that Boston Biomotion is pioneering the future of training and physical rehabilitation.

Leomo Logo

LEOMO provides the pioneering solution in portable motion analytics for endurance sports professionals. Working with world-class coaches and sports scientists on a global scale, LEOMO is dedicated to bring the science-based metrics to the next generation sports performance analysis.

Lincoln Harris Logo

Lincoln Harris CSG Healthcare Group, a division of Lincoln Property Company, is a leading national healthcare real estate services firm with offices from coast to coast. The company is solely focused on developing and executing results-driven real estate strategies for healthcare providers, hospitals, healthcare systems and MOB investors.  Lincoln Harris CSG leases and manages the Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research at The STAR, the headquarters and training facility of the Dallas Cowboys. The STAR is a 300,000 square foot, best-in-class medical office facility with services focused on the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. The Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research MOB at The STAR provides leading edge services and research via the Sports Performance Center, rehabilitation, a concussion center, imaging, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, urgent care and primary care.

Foley Hoag Logo

Innovators and early stage technology companies turn to Foley Hoag to help establish, grow, secure and maintain their leadership positions in a broad range of industries. We cultivate true relationships with our clients, understand their businesses down to an operational level and serve as outside general legal counsel and trusted advisors as they develop and execute on their business strategy. Because we do this from inception, many of our largest clients first engaged us when they were only one or two people with little more than an idea and a dream. We are sensitive to the uncertainty, capital constraints and special challenges that our entrepreneurial clients face.

From our offices in Boston, Washington, D.C., New York, and Paris, we provide creative, strategic legal advice tailored to clients’ unique goals. Our powerful regional, national and international practices share a common emphasis on superior service. Each client has easy access to our firm’s extensive array of leading specialists in areas of particular concern, including IP protection, commercial and licensing transactions, angel and venture financings, securities regulation and employment law. And as your business grows, we scale with you, offering you small-firm attention and big-firm resources from inception through exit.

Vasper Logo

Vasper is a patented health and rehabilitation technology designed to promote systemic health gains. Compression and cooling are used with a low-impact recumbent bicycle to stimulate the natural production of anabolic hormones, which have wide-ranging health, rehabilitation, and performance benefits.

Vald Performance Logo

Vald Performance is a technology company with a specific focus on measuring human performance. Vald Performance is responsible for the NordBord Hamstring Testing System, the GroinBar Hip Strength Testing System and the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System.

Our systems provide allied health professionals, sports scientists and conditioning staff with evidence based insights into an individual’s performance and injury risk.

Neuroptimal logo

NeurOptimal® was developed by a Canadian tech company, Zengar Institute, Inc. whose mission is to create, deliver and support the most useful and safe brain training system available in the world today. The purpose of this endeavor reflects the mission of its founders- to relieve suffering and help people be their best.

NeurOptimal®’s software works as an information-detection system which offers the brain information about itself. When alerted of its own activity, the brain is able to re-organize itself and perform at its best. Athletes who train with NeurOptimal® have reported increased focus, flow, resilience, quieting of the mind, better sleep management, recovery and decreased performance anxiety. Training with NeurOptimal® can help unlock true potential!

Jawku Logo

JAWKU Speed + Your App is the only duo designed to get you fast. This is not your parents fitness tracker. This is about performance – measure speed, agility, and reaction time. JAWKU Speed gives you purpose, motivation, and results. Visualize your performance over time and get the accuracy of multi-thousand dollar timing systems condensed into a technology that you wear on your wrist.

Kinexon Logo

KINEXON’s core product is an ultrawide band (UWB) based tracking technology, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It provides inch-accurate position and movement data in real-time and is able to connect seamlessly with other wearables. KINEXON also developed a state of the art and easy to use web application providing essential indicators for training control, injury prevention, and tactics. KINEXON is based out of Munich, Germany and has US subsidiaries in New York City and Chicago. KINEXON has quickly become one of the leading player tracking providers in sports, with clients in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA.

Medtronic Logo

Zephyr Performance Systems is a leading performance management system that enables coaches, trainers and sports scientists to objectively understand and analyze athlete performance. Clients in the NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, EuroLeague Basketball, and U.S. Military rely on Zephyr’s integrated sensor system to track, train and transform their athletes’ performance. Backed by Medtronic, the world’s largest medical technology and solutions provider, Zephyr tracks both physiological and biomechanical measurements – such as heart rate, acceleration, core body temperature, and impact – that generate valuable insights about exertion, efficiency, and effort. Armed with this objective data, coaching staff can drive athletes to peak performance while ensuring player safety. Zephyr gives you the tools to manage fatigue, speed up recovery, and train for success.

Train Heroic Logo

At TrainHeroic, we build solutions that help coaches and athletes Be their Best. Our applications enable smart and effective strength and conditioning. We proudly serve over three hundred thousand Heroes in the NFL, Olympics, High School/College, and private training facilities.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use tools empower coaches to scale their practice by:

  • Saving time in program design and delivery
  • Delivering expert instruction anytime, anywhere through elegant mobile and tablet experiences
  • Simplifying the process of data collection and management
  • Accessing insights to drive interventions
  • Monitoring readiness and training loads
  • And most importantly, engaging athletes to buy-in to the journey of training
In short, TrainHeroic allows coaches to do more, with less.
From Super Bowl and National Champions to hometown Heroes, TrainHeroic is on a mission to unlock the Hero within.
Contemplas Logo

Contemplas offers analysis tools to optimize athlete’s movements and improve their performance. Contemplas’ US office is located in the New York City metro area and serves the entire North American market.The company develops and distributes software-based motion analysis systems for sports, research, and medicine. All systems are modular and highly flexible. They can integrate hardware from 1 to more than 30 synchronized high-speed HD-cameras, force plates, pressure mates, EMG, trigger signals, etc. An additional Motus software can be integrated into the system in order to do complex 2D & 3D-calculations including biomechanical modelling.Special analysis templates are available for different applications like running, jumping, throwing & hitting, functional screening & athlete’s performance analysis, swimming, and many more. Contemplas’ motion analysis system can be used in- & outdoors, without any markers, with passive markers and also with active markers, the user has no restrictions whatsoever.For questions contact: Robert Kovacs, Contemplas USA, kovacs@contemplas.com, 475-329-0667

Firefly Logo

The firefly™ device is an innovative nerve stimulation device intended for the stimulation of healthy muscles to improve or facilitate muscle performance. Portable, with no wires, and worn at the knee the firefly™ device triggers the body’s built in mechanisms to deliver painless electrical impulses via the common peroneal nerve to gently activate muscles in the lower leg that return blood towards the heart. This increase in blood circulation emulates that of active recovery without an athlete having to move or exert energy.

The one-size-fits-all device with proven sports recovery benefits is used by professional athletes and teams to accelerate the recovery process and reduce DOMS after high-intensity exercise.

The firefly™ device is not intended to be used in conjunction with therapy or treatment of injuries, diseases or medical conditions of any kind.


The firefly™ device stimulates healthy muscles for:

Firstbeat Logo

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery.

Firstbeat Sports is an athlete monitoring solution used by over 1,000 elite teams across the world. It delivers heart rate variability-based insights for training and recovery guidance on an individual level, in real time and during post-analysis. It combines performance analytics with cutting edge devices to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and fast-track player development.

Hawkin Dynamics Logo

Hawkin Dynamics builds and develops team-focused tools for testing athletic performance. Our industry-first wireless forceplates were developed to bring research-grade measurement tools to teams of all levels of sport.

4D Motion Logo

4D MOTION – a revolutionary wireless 3D Full Body and Club Motion Capture system for your mobile device. Sensors smaller than a poker chip capture your movements in 3D for analysis right on your smartphone or tablet. The software provides 3D visualization of your setup and swing, data, graphs and even an overlay comparison of swings.

Neuro Trainer Logo

NeuroTrainer measures and trains the brains of athletes to improve their in-game performance. Built in virtual reality, coaches can get an accurate measurement of an athletes’ cognitive abilities and prescribe training protocols to strengthen them. College and professional athletes using NeuroTrainer have shown improvements in reaction time, multi-tasking, decision making and peripheral vision, all of which play a major role in athletic success.

Simi Logo

SIMI® manufactures high-end image-based Motion Capture and Analysis Systems for movement and behavior analysis.

SIMI® systems are high-speed camera based systems using state of the art industrial image processing technology. Our mission is to develop high end image based movement analysis technology with a clear focus on the user friendliness.

The Simi Markerless motion capture technology is the future of 3D biomechanics. Its applicable in any environment, even in a stadium or in game situation.

eng3 Logo

Eng3 is the Seattle-based company behind NanoVi technology, an innovative way to accelerate recovery at the cellular level. This patented technology works through the cellular water to support protein activities for faster repair and regeneration. The advantage of NanoVi™ for athletes is validated by university research, including placebo-controlled studies. Visit Eng3 to learn more about the benefits for high performance athletes, or watch this short 3D video on how it works.