An Overview Of Dartfish, Powerful Videoanalysis Software


August 10, 2018

An overview of Dartfish, a powerful videoanalysis software

Founded in Switzerland in 1999, Dartfish is a videoanalysis solution that allows analysts to capture, analyse and share videos of training sessions and matches. The software offers tools to capture the footage directly into the platform, tag events real-time, and upload, organize and share the vario

Garmin joins up with Cardiogram to bring advanced heart data to its wearables

Garmin watches will now be able to offer more advanced heart rate metrics, after the company integrated its devices with the Cardiogram app. Running on all Garmin wearables with an optical heart rate monitor, such as the Fenix 5 Plus, Forerunner 935 and Vivoactive 3 Music, the heart rate specialists will now be able to…

Power-to-Strength Ratio Influences Performance Enhancement… : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

s, 80.4 ± 9.4 kg; one-repetition maximum [1-RM] half squat, 172 ± 18 kg; mean ± SD) completed two experimental trials involving two sets of squat jumps (six repetitions at 30% 1-RM) performed either alone (CTL condition) or after half squats (six repetitions at 85% 1-RM; CST condition).

Association of Lower Limb Compression Garments During High-Intensity Exercise with Performance and Physiological Responses: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

César Augusto da Silva Lucas Helal Roberto Pacheco da Silva Karlyse Claudino Belli Daniel Umpierre Ricardo Stein Although compression garments are used to improve sports performance, methodological approaches and the direction of evidence regarding garments for use in high-intensity exercise settings are diverse.

Pulldowns: The What, Why, and When

Though controversial pulldowns are a staple of our off-season program, we see them as vital pieces to train athletes to handle the stresses of pitching. But, like everything, they can be misunderstood when not done in the proper context.

DNA Tests Promise Keys to Athletic Performance, Weight Loss


August 9, 2018

DNA Tests Promise Keys to Athletic Performance, Weight Loss

In an era where fractions of a second mean the difference between medaling or not, a new genetic test similar to 23andMe promises to unlock the secret to enhanced athletic performance. With Athletic Genetix, a swab of spit yields a detailed report about a person’s genes and how the types of exercises they do and food they consume might affect exercise and recovery.

Professional Squash Association, Sports Data Labs Will Commercialize Athlete Data

The Professional Squash Association will begin using athlete data supplied by Sports Data Labs to enhance its broadcasts and provide third-party organizations with real-time information. With the partnership, squash becomes the first professional sport to commercialize real-time human physiological information captured on the court.

AEXOS HALO Compression Shirt Aims to Prevent Whiplash, Concussions

A new compression shirt developed by AEXOS (Advanced Exoskeletal Systems) is aiming to prevent concussions in contact sports by reducing whiplash during a hit. The HALO shirt provides postural and spinal support in the neck area and stiffens when a player receives a high-speed impact.

Brain injury expert calls for ban on heading in football

Heading a football should be restricted in the professional game and banned for those under the age of 18, according to one of the world’s leading experts on brain injuries. Dr Bennet Omalu discovered the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The condition has long-term effects and is caused by repeated head trauma.

What You Need to Know About Ischemic Preconditioning for Swimmers

Ischemic preconditioning for swimmers (IPC) and blood flow restriction training (BFRT) have shown the potential to improve sprint swimming performance. But many questions remain unanswered. Are these techniques safe? How much will they improve sprint swimming? When and how should they be used?

STATSports Announces Apex Athlete Series Launch


August 8, 2018

STATSports Announces Apex Athlete Series Launch

Elite wearables company STATSports is seeking to enter the competitive amateur athlete market with its new APEX Athlete Series wearable. The bluetooth-enabled GPS device relies on the same core technology as the professional product but scales down the complexity to make the offering more accessible to individual athletes rather than teams with coaches, trainers, and sport scientists.

5 Tenets of Sports Injury Rehabilitation – Excelsior

Dr Grace Golden gave an insightful presentation on returning to sporting activity at GAIN 2018. I liked her systematic approach which was well illustrated with video examples. She also had a large amount of creativity and fun involved in her rehabilitation sessions.

Training Cessation as a Method of Tapering for Strength

The aim of this study was to determine the effects of two different durations of training cessation on upper and lower body maximal strength performance, and to investigate the mechanisms underlying performance changes following short-term training cessation.

Report details Jets’ embrace of analytics

Rich Cimini’s Sunday notes column provides some information on how the Jets are incorporating data into the organization. After some initial reluctance, the Jets are embracing the increased role of analytics in the NFL. No, they’re not becoming a “moneyball” team, but they recently expanded their analytics department.