Psychological Testing Is The Last Frontier Of NBA Draft Analysis


June 21, 2018

Psychological testing is the last frontier of NBA Draft analysis

For years, student-athletes in nearly every major sport at the University of Michigan went through a preseason ritual of sorts. Apart from all their workouts, playbook study and team activities, players underwent an assessment from a university-wide expert, one who then worked with their coaches and physicians on individual breakdowns.

Gatorade Launches New ‘Zero’ Drink With No Sugar Or Carbohydrates

Sports drink brand Gatorade is releasing a new, healthier option of its beverage, the company announced Wednesday. The drink, dubbed Gatorade Zero, has no sugar or carbohydrates and will be available in the U.S. this week in flavors including orange, lemon-lime and glacier cherry, CNN reported.

4 simple strategies to enhance the athlete learning process

The other day, while catching up with a good friend over the phone, who has been a coach for nearly 30 years. He had reached out to give me some feedback on my recent online course which focuses on all things behavior and the “art of coaching,” and given his vast and varied experience, I was anxious to absorb any constructive criticism he could offer.

STATS’ Patrick Lucey: ‘Sports data can tell the story of a match’

With the FIFA World Cup underway, a lot of the data that will be gathered will be done so by a company called STATS. We talk to its director of AI, Patrick Lucey. Patrick Lucey is director and vice-president of artificial intelligence (AI) at STATS (Sports Team Analysis and Tracking Systems), a Chicago-headquartered sports analytics company.

UFC Training Analysis Reveals Physical Blueprint of the Perfect Fighter

Research released by the UFC Performance Institute illuminated the type of athlete that can rise to the top of MMA, measuring both aerobic capacity and anaerobic fitness. The data revealed in the study of 300 fighters reveals the perfect fighter must have an almost superhuman physiology.

Can Restricting Blood Flow Improve Sports and Exercise Performance?


June 20, 2018

Can restricting blood flow improve sports and exercise performance?

The artificial induction of ischemia (from Greek, meaning stopping/keeping back blood) was first shown to help protect cardiac muscle from injury in later occurring episodes of ischemia by Charles Murry and colleagues in 1986[1]. This technique came to be called ischemic preconditioning (IPC).

Soccer Technology and Innovation – Ravi Ramineni, Seattle Sounders

Ravi Ramineni is the director of soccer analytics for the Seattle Sounders. For the past six years, he has played a critical role in creating and evolving his club’s data analytics strategy. Ramineni believes GPS and optical tracking have made the most significant impact on the game.

Should Coaches Monitor Their Athlete’s Mitochondria? – SimpliFaster

Everyone in conditioning should care about how mitochondria function and adapt to training. With new science and not much equipment, coaches can start building aerobic adaptations through more simplified training, and see improvements with what they already do in field testing.

The nutritionist of tomorrow is digital

The waistline has always been the subject of wearable fanfare, with fitness trackers and wellbeing wristbands the golden children of non-invasive health and fitness devices. As much as many health and fitness apps include a food diary function, they typically require users to self-report what they’ve eaten.

Let the athletes choose

It’s easy to fall into the trap as a coach of focusing primarily on physiology and biomechanics when carrying out your sessions, as these aspects are often easy to quantify, as well as giving us an illusion of prediction, increasing our confidence in the outcome.

How Technology and Smarts Help Athletes Push the Limits


June 19, 2018

How Technology and Smarts Help Athletes Push the Limits

This story appears in the July 2018 issue ofNational Geographic magazine. The race for the ages can be run only in our imagination: Usain Bolt vs. Jesse Owens. Bolt is in his 21st-century lane, a smooth, slip-resistant rubber surface spread out for 100 meters, designed to quickly return energy to his legs as he races across it.

The Impact of Sleep and Travel on Performance during the World Cup

The Impact of Sleep and Travel on Performance during the World Cup The FIFA World Cup kicks off on Thursday, June 14 and most bookmakers have five-time winners Brazil and current holders Germany as the favourites.

Heart Rate Monitoring in Team Sports-A Conceptual Framework for Contextualizing Heart Rate Measures for Training and Recovery Prescription

A comprehensive monitoring of fitness, fatigue, and performance is crucial for understanding an athlete’s individual responses to training to optimize the scheduling of training and recovery strategies. Resting and exercise-related heart rate measures have received growing interest in recent decades and are considered potentially useful within multivariate response monitoring, as they provide non-invasive and time-efficient insights into the status of the autonomic nervous system and aerobic fitness.

The State of Soccer Tech – Dimitri Farbos, Olympique Lyonnais

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, SportTechie and N3XT Sports are surveying key personnel at major soccer clubs around the world to understand the current state of soccer technology and innovation. (Previous: Raúl Peláez, FC Barcelona | Next: Martí Matabosch, FC Kairat) Dimitri Farbos is the assistant strength and conditioning coach for Olympique Lyonnais’ first team.

Tozuda Detects Concussions With Mechanical Simplicity

Rugby players take their fair share of hits. While playing for Lehigh University, Jessie Garcia took one in particular that left her struggling. “I was playing in a game, going in for a try and got completely blindsided by a girl,” Garcia explained.