Analytics-Driven Sixers Ride the Numbers to NBA Playoffs


April 19, 2018

Analytics-driven Sixers ride the numbers to NBA playoffs – Philly

Trust the Process, if you like. The Sixers trust the numbers. They won 17 consecutive games before Monday’s Game 2 loss, the last nine of those wins without all-star center Joel Embiid. They also won their 15th straight without Dario Saric and their 16th straight without JJ Redick.

Hydration Tech is Still in the Lab

A handful of companies are focusing on innovations in hydration technology, but the market is still new and there’s need for maturation.

Strength and conditioning program an important first step to keeping players healthy

The Baltimore Ravens officially start their OTAs (organized team activities) today. Players can officially show up to the team facilities and begin to work out on their own. This is typically the time when we see the team implement a strength and conditioning program and more in-depth rehabilitation of previous injuries.

3 Reasons Why Every Football Player Should Run Track

Co-authored by Lucas Kurtz. If you strap on a helmet in the fall, you should be lacing up spikes in the spring. This should seem obvious. After all, the quickest way to impress a football scout or coach is to be the quickest guy in a 40-Yard Dash.

World’s Fastest Marathoner To Wear New Nike 3D-Printed Shoes At London Marathon

Nearly seven months after Eliud Kipchoge came just 35 seconds short of capturing the marathon world record, the Kenyan plans to run the London Marathon on Sunday with a pair of 3D-printed performance shoes that are six percent lighter than the ones he wore to win Berlin in September.

How Do Athletes’ Brains Control Their Movements?


April 18, 2018

How Do Athletes’ Brains Control Their Movements?

Jason Sherwin and Jordan Muraskin, the co-founders of deCervo, were only in town for two days. Their sort of expertise is not easily replaceable. The club paid $2,000 to fly them to Arizona. As the ballplayers tapped on their keyboards, and Manny waited on the couch, Sherwin and Muraskin shushed about, adjusting the hairnets.

Q&A With ‘The Performance Cortex’ Author On Neuroscience In Sports

The new book from Zach Schonbrun, The Performance Cortex, examines the intersection of neuroscience and sports, focusing on the complex interplay between an athlete’s brain and motor system. The innovative work from deCervo, a baseball-centric startup launched by two Columbia University neuroscientists, and its efforts to gain traction in sports occupy a central storyline in the book.

NFL, NFLPA prohibit use of 10 helmet models after study

The NFL and NFL Players Association will prohibit 10 helmet models from being worn by players this season based on the results of an annual laboratory study used to assess the performance of helmets being worn by players. New NFL players and players who didn’t wear the prohibited helmets in 2017 won’t be allowed to wear them in 2018.

Case Study: Sleep and Injury in Elite Soccer

Is there a link between sleep and injury occurrence? This infographic summarizes a case study that examines the link between sleep and injury occurrence in an elite male soccer player.

Study finds concussion severity worsens later in football season

New research by the Vanderbilt Sports Concussion Center indicates the severity of concussions among high school football players is worse later in the season. Scott Zuckerman, MD, MPH, co-director of the Vanderbilt Sports Concussion Center, said sport-related concussions that occur during this time frame may require more conservative management by physicians and athletic trainers.

How Manchester City Uses SAP’s Platform To Prepare For Game Day


April 17, 2018

How Manchester City Uses SAP’s Platform To Prepare For Game Day

When Manchester City FC was preparing for its game against Tottenham FC this past Saturday, its players reviewed a tablet screen to glean critical information about the opposing starting lineup, an edge that perhaps played a role in its 3-1 win.

The Science of the One-Inch Punch

Forget all those broken boards and crumbled concrete slabs. No feat of martial arts is more impressive than Bruce Lee’s famous strike, the one-inch punch. From a single inch away, Lee was able to muster an explosive blow that could knock opponents clean off the ground.

A Buyer’s Guide to Electromyography Systems for Sport – SimpliFaster

There is increased use of electromyography in both research and clinical settings, for good reason. This buyer’s guide covers the leading companies in the EMG space and explains how to make the best choice when investigating the hardware and software.

Two concussions in a row will interrupt the brain’s ability to repair damage, study finds

Scientists have recorded how suffering two concussions in 24-hours prevents the regeneration of ruptured blood vessels in the brain’s protective lining and can lead to damage becoming permanent. In a finding which could pave the way for treating brain damage after a stroke or serious head injury, US researchers recorded the role the immune system plays in recovery.

How Danny Willett matched his swing to his physical capabilities

Mon Apr 11, 2016 by TPI One of the core principles of the TPI philosophy is that there isn’t one perfect swing, but a perfect swing to match your physical capabilities. Every athlete has physical limitations. In golf, we can either address the limitations with corrective exercise or we can build a swing around those limitations.