Sports Biometrics Conference

Sports Biometrics Conference – THE place for sports scientists, coaches, trainers, and just about everyone looking to learn about the latest developments in strength training and conditioning. Our upcoming all-online conference dates have shifted to Wednesday, March 23rd, and Thursday, March 24th, 2022. Also, we have made the conference FREE for professionals to attend again – feedback from so many in our community is sports are back but training and education budgets not so much. Anything we can do to help out the community is important so making the Sports Biometrics Conference free to attendees from anywhere in the world will help you be there! Sign up today – no reason to hold off:

Looking to earn about 16-18 hours of CEUs? We are working on professional certification credits and have a separate ticket for that with a US $100 fee to cover the credential process.

Our conference is being updated this month and will include a number of new topics including a look at the concerns around mental health in sports training and conditioning, cross-over with esports training, and a look at some of the military strength training and conditioning programs.

2022 is again an Olympic season and as athletes around the world prepare for the games in Beijing our conference will keep track and report on how these world-class athletes handle conditioning.

Looking to sponsor? Have a suggestion for a conference topic or presenter? Let us know! +1 (508) 596-6118