Winning With Data Science, Golden State Warriors Style




August 3, 2017

Winning with Data Science, Golden State Warriors Style

The Golden State Warriors are on top of the NBA after winning their second championship in three years. They have been in the finals for three consecutive years, set the regular season wins record at 72 wins in the 2015-16 season, and came one game away from going undefeated through

How STATS Wants To Solve Premier League Clubs’ Analytics Problem with AI

Chicago-based sports analytics company STATS has developed a new platform for football clubs to analyse game video and performance data, using computer vision and AI to ease the discovery issues plaguing analysts in an age of data overload.

Head Games: The Moral Calculus of Football and CTE

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Arizona Cardinals Fans Can Experience Team’s Virtual Reality Training

Back in 2015, the Arizona Cardinals became one of six NFL teams to use virtual reality in their training efforts. Now, the Cardinals are including their fans in the virtual reality experience, thanks to an extended partnership with Cox Business, the team announced.

NFL Combine Prep and the Offseason: Applied Sports Science – SimpliFaster

By Matt Hauck The first two blogs in this series focused on establishing data reliability ( Data in Sports Performance: Why Your Measurements Matter) and a foundation for practical data analysis in sports science ( Foundations of Applied Sports Science: A Starting Point in Sports Performance).

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