Will the Phoenix Suns Be the Next Analytical Success Story?


May 9, 2018

Will the Phoenix Suns be the next analytical success story?

It’s a simple question to answer: If you are not contending, why are you not rebuilding? That is what Houston Astros general manager, Jeff Luhnow, quickly realized when he took over and had to take his lumps from his fan-base. After an initial three-year run where they piled up 310 losses, it resulted in an organic turnaround of epic proportions.

Starting with Why in Sports Science – Sports Discovery

Last summer I was excited to attend the Seattle Sounders Sports Science weekend. You can read the Notes From post all about the event here. I was honoured to be asked to present at the event and spoke about individualising training load monitoring. Having read Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why: How…

Strength & Conditioning at the College and Pro Levels – SimpliFaster

While the fundamental goals for coaching at the pro and college levels are essentially the same, the strategies for achieving these goals can be quite different. Coach Bob Alejo talks about the differences and similarities he found between the two levels of sport, especially as they had to do with strength and conditioning, and the athletes themselves.

NBA, Intel Capital Launch Venture Partnership

The NBA is now working with Intel’s venture capital arm to identify and invest in technology companies that could impact the fields of sports and entertainment. Dubbed the “NBA + Intel Capital Emerging Technology Initiative” and announced at the Intel Capital Global Summit today, the first-of-a-kind, multi-year endeavor will focus on technologies that will enhance the NBA’s on-court product, its fan experience or the broader sports industry.

SOLOS Smart Glasses Now Available for Cyclists and Runners

Today, SOLOS augmented-reality smart glasses went on sale to consumers. The glasses will let cyclists and runners get real-time metrics on their performance as they train through a four-millimeter screen mounted just within an athlete’s field of vision.

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