Why Los Angeles Chargers Players Darrell Stuckey, Russell Okung Are Among WHOOP’s Proponents




May 9, 2017

Los Angeles Chargers Players Darrell Stuckey, Russell Okung Among WHOOP’s Proponents

Los Angeles Chargers players Darrell Stuckey and Russell Okung are among those who train with WHOOP at a time when the company has partnered with the NFLPA.

5 Mistakes Professional Sports Teams Make with “Groin” Injuries – SimpliFaster

Coaches must obtain a complete and confident assessment of the injury location and etiology to help reduce the number of groin injuries. Simply labeling the groin as anything above the knee and below the navel is not useful.

NFL Combine: The Missing Measurement

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Enhancing The San Francisco 49ers Athlete Testing With PUSH

When first scheduling their testing program the San Francisco 49ers consulted with PUSH, among other sport technology companies, to provide testing solutions suitable for football athletes competing at the highest level. By incorporating the PUSH Band into their testing program, the 49ers we

CALM., The ECG Monitor With Notable Innovations – Sports Wearable

Though the sports wearable industry is somewhat saturated with ECG monitors, but if a startup will bring innovation, it will always be welcomed by the industry and wearable buffs. The much needed innovation in wearable ECG detectors has been launched by a Tokyo-based healthcare consulting firm Eagle Matrix Consulting.

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