What’s This ‘Launch Angle’ MLB People Are Talking About And Who’s The Best At It?




August 16, 2017

What’s this ‘launch angle’ MLB people are talking about and who’s the best at it?

This is all about how the ball leaves the bat and the unlikely master of the skill in question

5 Cool Technologies The NY Jets Are Launching This Season

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The New York Jets have been on a technology rip ahead of the 2017 season, announcing a wave of new products and technologies that the team hopes will better engage fans and improve their in-stadium and at-home experiences.

Appeal in OU south end zone facility rooted in training center, innovation

NORMAN – Orlando Brown quickly learned to love the players’ lounge in Oklahoma’s newly completed facility behind Owen Field’s south end zone, with its couches, televisions, healthy snacks and even a barber’s chair available to players. But what if Brown wasn’t a college junior, and instead on campus for a recruiting visit?

Ryan Mundy goes from NFL Safety to Angel Investor

After his seventh NFL season in 2014, Chicago Bears safety Ryan Mundy knew he was entering the “twilight” of his career. Though only 29 and fresh off his best year, he was cognizant of the sport’s finite longevity. “When the music stops,” he asked himself, “what am I going to do next?”

HoopMetrics Offers Easy Way To Track Stats, Generate Winning Lineups

A May 2017 Sports Illustrated article took an insightful deep-dive into the NBA’s “hustle stats.” A closer look at these previously unkept numbers gleaned something important: hustle separates good from great. It therefore comes as no surprise to see names like Draymond Green and Stephen Curry atop the rankings.

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