What Every Athlete Should Know About Protein




July 20, 2017

What Every Athlete Should Know About Protein – SimpliFaster

The recommended daily allowance for protein is insufficient for athletes in all sports. Endurance athletes, as well as strength and power athletes, require more than “normal” humans to perform their best. More protein also helps maintain muscle mass for those trying to lose weight to “lean out” and improve their power to weight ratio.

Something Strange in Usain Bolt’s Stride

“Generally there are small differences between the right and left leg, but I think they are normally about 1, 2, 3 percent,” Mero said in a telephone interview. “This sounds a little bigger.” Given the scoliosis and discrepancy in the length of Bolt’s legs, Mero said, the sprinter’s stride appeared optimal for him.

Baseball Pitching – Why You Should Track Bullpens – High Level Throwing –

Bullpens. What are they? Why are they important? When should they be implemented and what is the end goal of each session? These are all great questions and questions I don’t think are very well defined in baseball, especially at the youth, middle school and high school levels.

Intelligent Machines To Battle In First AI World Cup Soccer Tournament

A first-of-its-kind matchup of artificial intelligence (AI) will kickoff via the inaugural AI World Cup online soccer tournament this November at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, the birthplace of the first Robot World Cup soccer series in 1996.

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