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October 10, 2018


Bobby Knight once said, “Players must be able to carry out simple instructions from the bench to the court. If they can’t, they can’t play.” This still holds true, sort of. But the four-time National Coach of the Year winner, a.k.a.

TYR, A Brand Synonymous With Athletes, Unveils State-of-the-art Technical Swimsuit

TYR Sport unveiled, in Laguna Beach, CA, the launch of TYR Venzo™, a swimsuit that redefines performance in the water. With the help of Olympic athletes Katie Ledecky, Ryan Lochte, Simone Manuel and Matt Grevers, who have been involved in every stage of development, TYR has been able to produce a swimsuit that sets them apart from their competitors.

Feedback of Performance: A Simple and Effective Method to Improve Training Quality and Adaptations

As practitioners we are tasked with improving performance, but performance improvements can be achieved in many ways. Some of the methods or interventions that we can apply include improving strength and power, altering technique, improving nutritional knowledge and dietary practices, providing an e

Size vs. Strength: How Important is Muscle Growth For Strength Gains? * Stronger by Science

A ton of factors influence strength beyond muscle size and skill with the movements used to test strength. The strength of individual muscle fibers, normalized muscle force, muscle moment arms, and body proportions can all have significant, independent effects on strength.

Task simplification: Reducing puck mass in ice hockey? | Skill Acq Science

Coaches can simplify performance skills by modifying the equipment used. This is referred to as task simplification. The benefits of modifying equipment have been well document for children. Could similar benefits emerge with adults? Joshua Nimmins and colleagues investigated this question in ice hockey. Their aim was to identify if altering puck mass affected skilled …

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