Warriors, Sportradar, ShotTracker Discuss the State of Basketball Analytics


October 22, 2018

Warriors, Sportradar, ShotTracker Discuss the State of Basketball Analytics

Soon after Second Spectrum began providing a few NBA teams with positional data gleaned from optical tracking cameras, the Golden State Warriors realized they needed help making sense of the wealth of new information. During a two-week period of the 2012-13 season, the team noticed a disturbing uptick in how many three-pointers opponents were shooting and sinking.

Seeing is believing with new advances in golf teaching technology

Suzy Whaley clearly remembers the first time she saw photos of her golf swing. As a member of the University of North Carolina women’s team in the 1980s, she visited PGA professional Jim Suttie, who has a doctorate in biomechanics, at Pine Needles Resort and Golf Club.

The Top Accommodating Resistance Methods for Strength Coaches – SimpliFaster

While the strength-specific science on the use of accommodating resistance continues to grow, its implementation is still disappointingly slow. Coach Shane Davenport provides practical applications for accommodating resistance to use with college and professional athletes at nearly all levels, and busts the myth that this type of specialized training is only for the elite.

Posterior Capsule Tightness – Swimming Science

Posterior shoulder tightness is common in patients with shoulder injuries. The shoulders are the most commonly injured site in swimmers, suggesting swimmers have tight posterior shoulders. It is believed the posterior capsule is responsible for the tightness in the posterior shoulder, leading to the glenohumeral internal rotational deficit (GIRD) and type 2 superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) lesions, the most predominant type in overhead athletes.

Pop Warner Partners With Concussion Education Program CrashCourse

All Pop Warner participants will receive access to CrashCourse, an interactive online program that seeks to educate young athletes about concussions. CrashCourse features some content recorded in virtual reality. CrashCourse is the work of TeachAids, a nonprofit education initiative, and was developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University.

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