University of Texas football team turns to technology for concussion assessments




September 1, 2017

University of Texas football team turns to technology for concussion assessments

The University of Texas is the most recent school to embrace SyncThink’s concussion evaluation technology in college athletics to bring more objectivity to traumatic brain injury tests. Texas joins the ranks of Iowa State University, which will use EYE-SYNC technology along with Stanford University, which started utilizing the eye-tracking headsets in 2015.

Pitcher Height Comparison- Velocity, Elbow Injuries, & Mechanics

It’s a debate that’s as old as time – are taller pitchers truly better than shorter pitchers? Do they stay healthier? Can they throw harder with less effort? Analysts like David Cameron have said: There is validity to the belief that shorter pitchers have a smaller margin for error.

IBM Guides Tennis Through The Digital Age With Ace Innovations

When tennis fans think about Tuesday night’s US Open competition, they’ll probably focus on how the 36-year-old Roger Federer, who is still recovering from a back injury, defeated the 19-year-old American Frances Taifoe in a five-set match.

Samsung’s Releases Swim-Tracking Smartwatch And Fitness Band

Samsung has announced the release of three new wearable devices. Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX are versatile by nature and aim to help users live a well-balanced, healthy life. Gear Sport, a fitness-based smartwatch, and Gear Fit2, a GPS fitness band, have many of the same capabilities.

Wearables basketball: Connected tech for aspiring basketball players

Fitness trackers and connected gadgets for sports such as golf, cycling and tennis are a dime a dozen these days. Basketball has been slow in joining the party, but this has started to change. Today there is a healthy range of products that are leveraging the powers of technology to help you improve your skills on the basketball court.

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