Trevor Bauer: Towards Better Pitching Through Science


July 31, 2018

Trevor Bauer: Towards Better Pitching Through Science

Before anybody snarks about the quality of Trevor Bauer’s pitching, and whether or not he’s good enough for us to value his thoughts on pitching, know that he’s fully aware of his limits, and was even before conceding six runs to the Yankees last night. “I don’t throw hard enough.

Training Frequency for Strength Development: What the Data Say

I have a reputation as a “high frequency guy.” I’m not entirely sure that’s an accurate characterization of my actual training philosophies, but I can understand where it comes from.

A Guide on Investing in Technology for Coaches – SimpliFaster

Sports technology tools can be helpful to both coaches and athletes, but you don’t need to own every device on the market. This article will survey the simple needs of coaches and offer a little relief for those that don’t have massive budgets.

AI coaches are here to unleash your inner LeBron

A coach is indispensable to the serious athlete – everyone from Olympians to up-and-coming youth athletes needs experts who can spot the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete’s style and cater to their personal needs. But now AI systems are almost sophisticated enough to do the job just as well as – better in some ways – than the old human experts.

Ten Sprint Facts I Wish Everyone Understood

By Tony Holler, Track Coach, Plainfield North High School I consider myself a coach, a veteran of 36 years of coaching football, basketball, and track. Stuart McMillan recently tweeted, “A good coach knows a lot about a little and a little about a lot.” I know a lot about sprinting.

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