Trevor Bauer And Driveline Baseball Pioneer Data-Driven Pitch Design



September 18, 2017

Trevor Bauer And Driveline Baseball Pioneer Data-Driven Pitch Design

Baseball history is awash with stories of pitchers adding new pitches to their repertoire by the same rote method: a teammate or coach suggests a grip, the pitcher fiddles with the ball until he gets a good feel and then he debuts his new offering in a game.

Nike’s NBA Jerseys Come With Chips That Enable Fans To Tap Into Favorite Players

CULVER CITY, Calif. – When NBA players put on their Nike uniforms this upcoming season, they wont only be wearing a piece a clothing – they will be wearing a piece of technology.

An Electronic Tattoo May Soon Power Wearables With Your Sweat

A deterrent to long-term wearable use is having to remove devices to charge overnight. But what if the sweat you naturally produce could keep devices like smartwatches powered 24/7? A team of engineers based out of the University of California San Diego have developed stretchable fuel cells that can extract energy from sweat and are capable of powering electronics.

As NHL gets faster, players adjust offseason training to keep up

CLOSE Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara is 40 and yet his goalie Tuukka Rask swears he has improved his skating over the past couple of seasons. Anaheim Ducks star Ryan Getzlaf insists he’s a more efficient skater and has a better understanding what he needs to do to “keep up.”

Multi-Joint Training versus Isolated Training for Core Development

Ground-based free weight lifts, especially the explosive Olympic-style lifts, are highly recommended for athletic conditioning for the core muscles. They can provide a moderately unstable stimulus to augment activation of the core and limb muscles, while still providing maximal or near maximal strength, velocity, and power output.

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