Tour de France Features Fast Cyclists, Faster Data


July 17, 2018

Tour de France Features Fast Cyclists, Faster Data

edition of the Tour de France speeds its way across the alluring French countryside, data is streaming from devices attached to each cycle participating in the month-long race. But from the back of the seat to the front of your digital screen, barely seconds elapse.

LPGA Stays on Course With Technology Partnership With NEC

As a former LPGA Tour professional, Vicki Goetze-Ackerman can appreciate the peace of mind that comes with feeling secure, no matter where she might find herself in a wide-open tournament environment. But at a time when potential security threats can sometimes go unnoticed, technological solutions like the ones NEC has been synonymous with for nearly 120 years go a long way in alleviating uneasiness.

MLB To Utilize Amazon Web Services For Machine Learning, AI

Statcast is slated for further improvements in the near future via Amazon Web Services, as Major League Baseball (MLB) has chosen AWS as its official provider for machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning workloads to upgrade experiences both on the field and off.

Interview with Dan Baker – Complementary Training

Interview with Dan Baker I am more than happy to present you email interview with Dan Baker, strength and conditioning coach for the Brisbane Broncos and also a published researcher with practical and in “the trenches” insights. For all of you guys who are working in team sports this is one of the best and most insightful interviews I have …

How to Make Smarter Choices When Polishing Your Athletes’ Lunge Progressions – SimpliFaster

Everything is context-specific, including exercise selection for athletes. Planned variation and program changes from general to specific elicit the highest possible adaptations. Bryan Mann demonstrates how the lunge-typically thought of as a general exercise-can become more specific through a set of carefully planned and followed progressions.

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