Top Technology Storylines From The 2017 MLB Season



November 3, 2017

Top Technology Storylines From The 2017 MLB Season

Baseball’s most innovative franchise, the Houston Astros, triumphed over a Los Angeles Dodgers roster assembled by a front office with several Ph.D.’s in what was undoubtedly the most data-driven World Series to date. Their sensibilities were an appropriate capstone to a 2017 Major League Baseball season full of advancements.

Data: Changing the Game of Soccer – Front Office Sports

In July 2013, Perform Group, a leading global digital sports content and media group, acquired the sports data company Opta. The acquisition signaled the increasing importance of sports data to the media landscape, and its value to the evolving consumption of sports content.

Can you predict brain damage? Pro fighters join a study to find out

AS VEGAS – It’s a study that probably couldn’t be conducted anywhere other than this hot spot for professional combatants, where marquee fights are about as common as Celine Dion concerts. Researchers have enrolled close to 700 mixed martial arts fighters and boxers, both active and retired, in the past six years.

Recurrent concussions are down in high school sports

With passage of laws requiring U.S. high schools to report young athletes’ concussions, more of these head injuries are being reported – but the rate of repeat concussions has gone down, a new study shows.

LVL band indicates your “dehydration level” and recommend you how much water to drink – Sports Wearable

is the latest fitness tracker to appear in the crowded market. It looks like any other fitness band and performs all the basic functions you expect. However, the main purpose of the LVL band is to remind wearer to drink water and indicate his/her dehydration level.

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