Top-Five Tech Storylines For 2017-2018 NHL Season



October 5, 2017

Top-Five Tech Storylines For 2017-2018 NHL Season

As the new NHL season begins this week, technology continues to seep into the sport through everything from state-of-the-art coaching tools to century-old statistics. Here are the five most important technology storylines that will have the biggest impact on the 2017-2018 campaign NHL season: 1.

Trevor Bauer And Driveline Baseball Pioneer Data-Driven Pitch Design

Baseball history is awash with stories of pitchers adding new pitches to their repertoire by the same rote method: a teammate or coach suggests a grip, the pitcher fiddles with the ball until he gets a good feel and then he debuts his new offering in a game.

US Soccer Strikes 3-Year Data Deal To Develop, Scout Players

The U.S. Soccer Federation announced a three-year partnership on Thursday with Opta, a sports analytics company, to give the league access to detailed player data that could be used to enhance fan engagement, develop athlete performance and aid in scouting players. The deal makes , which already provides data analytics to the English Premiere League, U.S.

Flixsense Co-Founder Talks About Developing an Evolution in Sports Video Analysis

Emerging video analytics company Flixsense are looking to evolve the way sports coaching and broadcasting is undertaken through their intelligent video platform. At the heart of it is their development of artificially intelligent video analysis that can be trained to recognise people, movement and objects that adds big insights to highly tactical sports such as football and cricket.

Kitman – Hamstring Injuries: Monitoring Hamstring Strength in Athletes

We take an objective look at the best practices in monitoring hamstring strength in athletes to recognise when they are at risk of injury…

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