Tony Beltran Used Sports Science to Return From a Devastating Injury


November 9, 2018

Tony Beltran Used Sports Science to Return From a Devastating Injury

SportTechie’s Athletes Voice series features the views and opinions of the athletes who use and are powered by technology. Recently, SportTechie talked to Tony Beltran about how technology aided his rehab from a serious knee injury. To be the first to hear each athlete’s insights, subscribe to the Athletes Voice newsletter .

Biological Background of Block Periodized Endurance Training: A Review

Vladimir B. Issurin Block periodized (BP) training is an innovative and prospective approach that is drawing increasing attention from coaching scientists and practitioners. However, its further dissemination and implementation demands serious scientific biological underpinnings.

Performance Teams and “Lanes” – Resilient Performance Systems | Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, Performance Training, Education, Consulting

“Stay in your lane,” said nobody any of us would like to work with. When it comes to medical and performance teams in sport, it is not always clear where the lanes are. First, who decides where to draw the lanes? In medicine, the lanes are often guided by political and economic incentives, not necessarily by clinically meaningful criteria.

Hawks become latest team to embrace neurological technology

The Atlanta Hawks have recently become the second NBA team to enter a partnership with SyncThink. SyncThink works in neurotechnology with foundational IP in eye tracking analytics. The Hawks will use it to track the fatigue of the players throughout the year. This will help cut the risk of injuries.

London is the SportsTech capital of Europe

Over the past few years the fusion of sports and technology has evolved and become commonplace amongst tech companies and sporting brands & associations alike. However, despite the growth, engineers, gamers and technology experts in Silicon Valley for example are not the first thing you associate with the sports

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