Throw BP, Know SQL: The Modern Baseball Coach’s Job Description


May 17, 2018

Throw BP, Know SQL: The Modern Baseball Coach’s Job Description

Sam Fuld retired from the outfield last fall, leaving behind an eight-year playing career in the big leagues and joining the Phillies in a newly created role: major league player information coordinator. Fuld is as well educated as any ballplayer.

Can Your Athlete’s Joints Do What You Are Asking Them to Do? – Baseball Development Group

His rear/drive leg internally rotates! The rotational motion of his right hip joint is coupled to the motion of his left hip joint. What we would like to see in this case is independent motion – the rear/drive side pelvis should rotate without the femur moving (at least as much as it is currently).

No Evidence of a Common DNA Variant Profile Specific to World Class Endurance Athletes

There are strong genetic components to cardiorespiratory fitness and its response to exercise training. It would be useful to understand the differences in the genomic profile of highly trained endurance athletes of world class caliber and sedentary controls. An international consortium (GAMES) was established in order to compare elite endurance athletes and ethnicity-matched controls in a case-control study design.

How Shoddy Statistics Found A Home In Sports Research

At first blush, the studies look reasonable enough. Low-intensity stretching seems to reduce muscle soreness. Beta-alanine supplements may boost performance in water polo players. Isokinetic strength training could improve swing kinematics in golfers. Foam rollers can reduce muscle soreness after exercise. The problem: All of these studies shared a statistical analysis method unique to sports science.

6 Traits to Look for in a Sports Nutritionist – SimpliFaster

There are big differences between nutritionists and sports nutritionists, and those differences can impact athletic performance. If you are a pro athlete or team looking for a high-value nutritionist or a coach looking to outsource nutritional programming, read this article first.

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