This Year, Red Sox Had Resting Players Down To A Science


October 5, 2018

This year, Red Sox had resting players down to a science – The Boston Globe

Workload management and body maintenance were emphasized to keep players fresh into October.

Monitoring Training Load to Understand Fatigue in Athletes

Many athletes, coaches, and support staff are taking an increasingly scientific approach to both designing and monitoring training programs. Appropriate load monitoring can aid in determining whether…

Sleep Profiles of Elite Swimmers During Different Training… : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

ional-level swimmers (3 females and 9 males) were monitored during 4 different phases, consisting of a preparation training phase, a taper phase, a competition phase, and a rest phase. Sleep parameters were assessed using wrist activity monitors and self-reported sleep diaries.

How Strength Coaches Build Training Programs

One of the questions I often get asked is, How do I create strength programs for my athletes? Most people don’t understand how much effort goes into writing long-term strength programs. There are many factors to consider, including each athlete’s individual needs and the latest research and trends in the industry.

Agility, Foot Speed and Direction Change

Everyone wants to “break ankles”. I get it. It’s how to develop this ability to stop on a dime and change direction that is in question. Agility and the concept of direction change is a topic that comes up over and over.

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