This Computerized Baseball Measures Way More Than Pitching Velocity


October 25, 2018

This Computerized Baseball Measures Way More Than Pitching Velocity

Neither my wife nor I was ever of baseball parent. Yeah, our son was a pretty good player with a great arm. He was a relief pitcher on his high school varsity team and had been clocked at 85 miles per hour, at age 16.

10 Strategies for Athletes to Overcome Anxiety-Induced Insomnia

Athletes have demanding schedules, between school, work, training and competitions. All that pressure can lead to bouts of nervous energy-and with it, anxiety-induced insomnia. You might be physically tired from the tasks of the day, but once your head hits the pillow, you can’t sleep.

Canadian doctors announce cardiovascular testing guidelines for varsity athletes

In what they’re calling a national first, Canadian doctors have announced new cardiovascular health guidelines that they hope may save the lives of some young athletes. The new guidelines, announced at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, call for nationwide screening of competitive varsity level athletes for unrecognized or overlooked heart conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death.

Biomechanical Effects of Ball Position on Address Position Variables of Elite Golfers

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How To Beat Marathon Muscle Cramps – Competitor Running

One of the most common reasons for failure in the marathon is suffering from muscle cramping. As many seasoned marathon veterans know, these muscle cramps can be one of most frustrating reasons for a poor performance. Typically, when you suffer from a cramp, everything else is going pretty well.

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