These Are The College Football Teams Using Virtual Training




August 11, 2017

These Are The College Football Teams Using Virtual Training

This college football season, some quarterbacks will practice their dropbacks and throws contending not with an imposing linebacker but instead with a hologram of one. Those players, and indeed players at every position on the field, will be using VAR Football’s virtual and augmented reality technology to get in necessary off-the-field practice and train themselves to read and react quickly in live game situations.

Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala On Wearables, Tech Investing, Golf

Golden State Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala has been using wearables and apps, such as Golf Game and Zepp Golf, to improve his swing. The 2015 NBA Finals MVP and golf fanatic says devices like these that track athlete performance represent the future of the sports industry. Iguodala is no stranger to player-tracking technology.

Super Champions, Champions, and Almosts: Important Differences and Commonalities on the Rocky Road

The real-world experiences of young athletes follow a non-linear and dynamic trajectory and there is growing recognition that facing and overcoming a degree of challenge is desirable for aspiring elites and as such, should be recognized and employed.

Towards evidence based strength training: a comparison of muscle forces during deadlifts, goodmornings and split squats | Read by QxMD

BACKGROUND: To ensure an efficient and targeted adaptation with low injury risk during strength exercises, knowledge of the participant specific internal loading conditions is essential. The goal of this study was to calculate the lower limb muscles forces during the strength exercises deadlifts, goodmornings and splits squats by means of musculoskeletal simulation.

The Importance of Sleep For Athletes | Sparta Science

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night. -William Blake At Sparta, we make a point to stress the importance of what we call (nutrition, soft tissue work and sleep) with our athletes as much as the preparation they do in the gym with us us, or on the field.

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