The Truth About Athlete Speed in the NFL



October 10, 2017

The Truth About Athlete Speed in the NFL

In American football, the 40-yard dash has always been the traditional test of speed, but is it the best test to use to determine raw speed ability for your football players? Even though sprint times can give us a reflection of an athlete’s speed ability, the truth is that these times won’t always tell us how fast an athlete can move.

Mi-Hiepa Scout Next Up To Use Virtual Reality To Improve Soccer Players

A new virtual reality technology has launched to help soccer teams not only spot new talent, but also improve player performance and mental sharpness during rehabilitation from injury. Mi-Hiepa Scout uses a limb tracking system that analyzes the movement of a player’s feet and shins in VR as is applied to individual drills.

The Impact of Big Data & Analytics in Football | Big Cloud Recruitment

Football is a booming business. You only have to look at the latest TV deal, worth £5.14bn to see how hot it really is. Football clubs are seeing an unprecedented influx of money and are trying to ensure they stay at the top, to make sure they turn this windfall into a regular income.

Meet STATS: The firm turning sports stats into a multi-billion dollar business

“Statistics are like mini-skirts, they don’t reveal everything.” Depending on who you believe, those words were either uttered by former Aberdeen boss Ebbe Skovdahl or by former Galatasaray manager Fatih Terim. While the origin of the quote remains disputed, several managers and fans across different sports would agree with it.

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