The Tricky Physics of Taking the Perfect World Cup Penalty


July 5, 2018

The tricky physics of taking the perfect World Cup penalty

The penalty was invented on February 14, 1891. It was the last minute of an FA Cup quarter-final between Notts County and Stoke City when a defender for County stopped a shot on the line with his hand.

Chris Froome: Team Sky’s unprecedented release of data reveals how British rider won Giro d’Italia

Team Sky have taken the unprecedented step of releasing a cache of data to BBC Sport detailing Chris Froome’s diet, power output and heart-rate from the Briton’s victory in May’s Giro d’Italia.

Mental Toughness Tips From 9 Elite Strength Coaches

Some trainers can coach everyone from eager young athletes to busy working adults to clients from every other age group and walk of life through intense, sometimes grueling workouts-and keep them upbeat the entire time. When those coaches get done leading workouts, they turn around and push themselves through something equally (if not more) challenging.

4 Things I Learned From Frans Bosch

Dutch coach Frans Bosch started quite the conversation last year when he released the English edition of his book Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach. A look at how training methods have evolved over the last century shows a clear trend towards more specific training means.

Sports Betting and Biometrics Will Push the Publicity Rights Envelope

The legalization of sports betting will trigger major changes across the sports industry. Athlete biometric data and player tracking data are expected to make their way into fantasy sports, sports betting, and other fan engagement products. Firms that use that data to fuel their products and services could be among the most impacted by changes.

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