The Sports Industry’s New Power Play: Athlete Biometric Data Domination

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Today the sports industry’s elite meet in Boston for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Industry vets come together with today’s innovators and tomorrow’s business superstars. Experts will address sports data, tech and other hot topics in the industry. One question is strongly debated: who owns the data?

The Possibilities

Imagine practicing your swing in the batter’s box while getting tips from the virtual version of your team’s designated hitter. Or running a play down the field with your favorite virtual football team. This is the potential future of virtual reality that offers personalized, immersive content for fans. Augmented reality – where digital content is incorporated into your physical world – and mixed reality – where you can interact with augmented holographic digital content in your immediate area in real-time – promise to create even more realistic experiences. Fans want more interactive content and the sports industry is in overdrive trying to give it to them.

The most robust fan engagement experiences of the future will incorporate player tracking data collected from athletes, and even data from fans, to make athlete-fan interactions even more realistic. Athlete biometric data, one form of player tracking data, will naturally make its way into products for fans including mobile apps, fantasy sports offerings, sports betting, and more. Read more >>

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