The Secret Weapon of Movement Analysis In The NBA Draft




June 15, 2017

The Secret Weapon of Movement Analysis In The NBA Draft

The following is an op-ed by Ram Shalev (MSc Eng. MBA). Ram is the CEO & Co-Founder of PhysiMax, an automated movement pattern analytics solution that provides difference-making insights for top pro-sports teams, D1 collegiate programs, youth academies and clinics. GMs, coaches, fans – in basketball, everyone strives to find the next superstar.

Interview with Andy Jackson, MuscleSound President and CEO – Sports Wearable

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is introduce and let the CEO’s introduce their products. Using ultrasound we can measure muscle fuel and MuscleHealth in a rapid, non-invasive method within seconds. https:// Andy Jackson brings more than 20 years of relevant experience, having worked extensively in the wearable technology, sports and fitness industries.

Sports Technology Has A Problem: End User Programming

Brad Stenger, is a researcher and journalist, currently at Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center and NYU Center for Data Science. His articles have appeared MIT Technology Review,, Ars Technica and TIME. Twitter: @bradstenger. An athlete performance coach for a professional team showed me her in-season workflow.

Block Six Analytics

BY ADAM GROSSMAN The Mind Matters In Warriors Success Last night’s victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers provided the Golden State Warriors its second title in three years and capped off one of the most dominant three-year runs by any team in NBA history. One of the reasons this historic


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