The Science Behind the Oilers’ Awful Season


April 12, 2018

Delta Gloves – Giving real time insights into your workout – Sports Wearable

The Delta Gloves by PureCarbon are the first training gloves which can track weight lifted in addition to your exercises, reps and sets when you work out. Delta Gloves make it easy to review your previous performance and use that information to customize workouts in order to help you in reaching your goal.

Overview of the Chinese #SportsTech landscape – SportsTechX – Medium

One of the first things we noticed during our research is the scale at which things are done in China. Not just has there been vast amounts of money invested in SportsTech, with a number of startups already in their later stages of funding, it also seems that ideas are implemented larger and faster than in most European and other Asian markets.

La Liga basketball using Catapult to connect with fans through performance insights | Catapult Sports

Since 2017, Catapult has provided its technology to Argentinian La Liga basketball teams to conduct individual and collective athlete analysis and improve performance. The 20 participating clubs are equipped with Catapult’s wearable technology, allowing them to monitor their players’ physical efforts during trainings and games, with the goal of reaching the highest form of competition and minimising injuries throughout the season.

4 Advanced Jump Exercises Used By Explosive Athletes

In sports like basketball, soccer or hockey, acceleration and change-of-direction speed require more than just being big and strong. Lifting weights alone won’t maximize your performance on the field, court or rink. That’s why, to increase your explosive power, you should perform jump exercises in addition to your strength workouts.

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