The Powerhouse Behind MLB Scouting, NBA Player Contracts


January 24, 2018

The Powerhouse Behind MLB Scouting, NBA Player Contracts

MELVILLE, N.Y. – In a mid-sized office building in the suburbs of Long Island, a company called LBi Software, with its sports-focused division LBi Dynasty, has been stealthily building scouting software for Major League Baseball since the late 1990s.

NSF App To Help Athletes Consume Safe ‘Performance-Enhancing Diet’

NSF International has launched a new app to provide athletes with a carefully catered list of approved supplements that won’t run afoul of the stringent testing regulations in elite sports. The global non-profit public health advocacy group received input from Major League Baseball and its players association in developing the Certified for Sport app that helps users find nutritional aids deemed safe for use by NSF.

The Training Characteristics of the World’s Most Successful Female Cross-Country Skier

The main aim of this study was to investigate the training characteristics of the most successful female cross-country skier ever during the best period of her career. The participant won six gold medals at the Olympic Games, 18 gold medals at the World Championship, and 110 World Cup victories.

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Sports

Imagine you’re a quarterback and you’ve just stepped off the field. Your team has lost. You could look at it as a failure and call it a day – or you could look at it as an opportunity to improve. How? Embedded in your jersey are sensors that have tracked

How England Netball Uses Catapult To Maximize On-Court Performance

Netball is a game similar to basketball played between two teams of seven players and primarily by women in commonwealth nations. The England Roses – currently ranked third in the International Netball Federation (INF) rankings – recently brought on sports scientist Jools Murray to use Catapult Sports technology to improve the team’s performance on the court.

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