The Potential Role for Cognitive Training in Sport: More Research Needed


July 3, 2018

The Potential Role for Cognitive Training in Sport: More Research Needed

Sports performance at the highest level requires a wealth of cognitive functions such as attention, decision making and working memory to be functioning at optimal levels in stressful and demanding environments.

Riddell Adds Head-Injury Analytics to Smart Helmet

When a college quarterback wearing Riddell’s smart helmet is slammed unusually hard in the head, a coach on the sideline gets an immediate warning. Now, Riddell is upgrading that system to help coaches analyze head-injury trends so they can make smarter decisions about their players and reduce the chance of injury.

STATS’ Patrick Lucey: ‘Sports data can tell the story of a match’

With the FIFA World Cup underway, a lot of the data that will be gathered will be done so by a company called STATS. We talk to its director of AI, Patrick Lucey. Patrick Lucey is director and vice-president of artificial intelligence (AI) at STATS (Sports Team Analysis and Tracking Systems), a Chicago-headquartered sports analytics company.

Scouting Apps Could Unearth 2022 World Cup Soccer Stars

A few months ago, Oliver Sonne was a model who rubbed shoulders with celebrities like A$AP Rocky and walked runways at fashion shows. But then Sonne began ranking on a scouting app called Tonsser for his soccer skills. In February he signed a pro contract with FC Copenhagen.

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