The Physics of the Home Run Boom


April 9, 2018

The Physics of the Home Run Boom

Whoa! Don’t think for even one short nanosecond this article will definitively explain the cause of the current increase in home runs in MLB. Instead, think of it as more of a summary of our current understanding from the point of view of the underlying physics.

How the brain vibrates may determine the severity of a concussion

In a previous experiment, the researchers collected head impact data from football players using mouthguards outfitted with accelerometers and gyroscopes. For this study, they used data from 189 head collisions, two of which resulted in a concussion, and simulated how the brain moved during each of those hits.

Can sleep be used as an indicator of overreaching and overtraining in athletes?

IntroductionTo achieve optimal athletic performance and competition readiness, it is crucial to balance the highest appropriate training stimulus with sufficient recovery. Excessive and/or progressive increases in training load are integral to improving athletic performance (Halson, 2014).

Run Your Weight Room Like a Business

Nobody could deny that athletics is big business these days, especially at the collegiate and professional levels. Therefore, strength and conditioning practitioners need to run their unit like a business, and a brand. Coach Alejo presents detailed steps to do just that, including changes you should make to your handbook, performance reviews, staff education, and much more.

Toronto Blue Jays Are Using Diamond Kinetics’ Bat Sensors To Track Swing Data

The Toronto Blue Jays are smacking baseballs and sitting in second place in their division. But months before the start of the 2018 MLB season, the team made a deal with a sports technology company to study swing data, starting with an examination of their minor league players.

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