The NOAH Shooting System Wants to Fix Every Jumpshot


April 25, 2018

The NOAH Shooting System wants to fix every jumpshot

Like so many basketball dreams, the NOAH Shooting System was born on a driveway hoop. Alan Marty, an inventor and venture capitalist was trying to teach his daughter how to shoot with the proper arc.

Psychology: Tom Bosworth’s positive mind games – Athletics Weekly

by Athletics Weekly Olympian Tom Bosworth, the one-mile outdoor and 3000m indoor race walk world record-holder, is among a number of athletes who have benefited from working with Leeds Beckett sports psychologists.

Biomechanist Juan Delgado Discusses The Science Of ‘Slowing The Game Down’

Sports scientist and biomechanist Juan Delgado sits with Bram to discuss how the New York Sports Science Lab works with athletes of all ages to improve training and performance. From “getting in the zone” to “slowing the game down”, hear how scientists are examining athlete behavior to maximize results.

Wilson Upgrades Smart Football With Input From NFL-Bound Sam Darnold

When potential #1 overall NFL draft pick Sam Darnold was training last summer, his coach Jordan Palmer noticed he’d developed an elongated throwing motion on longer passes and was wasting time and energy.

Can Your Athlete’s Joints Do What You Are Asking Them to Do? – Baseball Development Group

His rear/drive leg internally rotates! The rotational motion of his right hip joint is coupled to the motion of his left hip joint. What we would like to see in this case is independent motion – the rear/drive side pelvis should rotate without the femur moving (at least as much as it is currently).

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