The NFL, MLB Teams Get Sound Advice on Player Muscle Health




July 28, 2017

Tackling Tech: The NFL, MLB Teams Get Sound Advice on Player Muscle Health

Coaches and medical staffers for pro and college sports have found sound advice on the muscle health of their players thanks to an emerging sports tech company whose product detects issues and suggests corrective actions for the underperforming and injured.

The MLS response to soccer analytics

By Clemente Lisi – PHILADELPHIA, PA (July 17, 2017) US Soccer Players – The Gold Cup break gives MLS teams a mid-season breather. For some, it couldn’t come at a better time. The season still has enough left in it to turn things around.

What is the psychological state underlying “clutch performance” – excelling under pressure?

By guest blogger Bradley Busch Pressure does interesting things to an athlete. For some, it leads to an increase in tension, nerves and anxiety. Others are able to channel this increased pressure into running faster, jumping higher and throwing further.

Clemson professor’s research tackles contaminated dietary supplements’ impact on athletes

CLEMSON, South Carolina – Contaminated dietary supplements may cause health problems in users and render athletes ineligible to play, according to a Clemson University professor. Bryan Denham, Campbell Professor of Sports Communication and chair of Clemson’s communication department, writes in a series of journal articles that the problem often lies in the inclusion of methylhexaneamine, or DMAA, an amphetamine derivative banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

VICIS, Oakley Launch Advanced Eye Shield For ZERO1 Football Helmet

VICIS, a Seattle-based technology company, is partnering with Oakley to beef up its innovative football helmets. Together they have created and launched the VICIS EDGE Shield, an optics system designed to complement the football player’s wide field of view.

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