The NBA Playoffs: How Players Raise Their Game When It Matters Most


April 13, 2018

Fatigue and the NBA Playoffs: How Players Raise Their Game When It Matters Most.

The puppet hiding behind the curtains, pulling the strings on what team wins in the NBA, is not the oft despised refs. It’s fatigue. With an 82-game season littered with back to back games and late night flights, players are not “giving their all” during each night out.

The Hitting Revolution Will Be Computerized

Ryan Mountcastle has always been able to hit. Going back to high school, the Orioles 2015 first-round pick always made plenty of contact. He always hit the ball hard. But a lot of Mountcastle’s hits were well-struck singles.

Monitoring players’ readiness using predicted heart rate responses to football drills – legacy of Nick Broad

Nick Broad was an exceptional man who inspired a whole generation of sports scientists and nutritionists the world over. Four years after his loss, Nick is still with us in the office. Our daily work at the club wouldn’t be the same without his legacy.

Putting data into play

When rugby players from Fiji and Canada, netballers from England and hockey players from Australia and New Zealand take to the field during the Commonwealth Games on Queensland’s Gold Coast, they’ll be carrying more than just the weight of their nations with them.

4 Advanced Jump Exercises Used By Explosive Athletes

In sports like basketball, soccer or hockey, acceleration and change-of-direction speed require more than just being big and strong. Lifting weights alone won’t maximize your performance on the field, court or rink. That’s why, to increase your explosive power, you should perform jump exercises in addition to your strength workouts.

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