The NBA Combine, Correlation, and Tryouts: Predictive Validity


May 21, 2018

The NBA Combine, Correlation, and Tryouts: Predictive Validity

Each May, the NBA invites top college basketball players to participate in their annual Combine, a series of physical measurements and athletic tests that can help determine a player’s fate in the NBA Draft in June. But combine performance doesn’t necessarily correlate to performance in the NBA (jus

How To Determine Launch Angles in the Batting Cage

PITTSBURGH – (3 min read) As part of Dr. Buddy Clark and Dan Koosed’s presentation at the 2017 ABCA Convention “How Technology Unlocked My True Potential At The Plate” , Mr. Koosed – Master Hitting Instructor at Pro Swing Rx in Anaheim, Calif.

Alex Hutchinson on the Limits of Human Endurance | Strength Running

Tweet Throughout history, humans have doubted their own abilities. For some reason, we love self-imposed limitations… Everest: the top of the world In the 1940’s, running a mile under four minutes was considered by many scientists to be impossible. Today, more than 1,400 men have run a mile faster than 4:00…

Latest on Load Monitoring

Sean Williams was kind enough to provide short review of the recent load monitoring workshop, held at the World Rugby Science Network Conference, as well as to provide full slides and Excel templates. This is tremendous resource for those interested in injury prediction analytics.

STATS Unveils New GPS Training Tool With Textile Sensors

STATS, a sports data and analytics company, announced a new GPS-based athlete training tool with textile heart rate sensors on Monday that will offer users new insights into performance. Stats GPS is a vest embedded with textile sensors that will measure an athlete’s workout in real time based on data from GPS, heart rate and inertial measurement units.

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