The Most Valuable Training Data Is Surprisingly Simple


October 23, 2018

The Most Valuable Training Data Is Surprisingly Simple

The fundamental question about training, from which all other debates and decisions emanate, is this: How hard was that workout you just finished? There are many ways of answering that question, using heart-rate monitors, power meters, GPS watches, oxygen-measuring facemasks, and gut feelings.

Morgan Burnett Using Advanced Sports Tech To Help In Groin Rehab – Steelers Depot

Vance McDonald was the scorned newcomer a year ago for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a well-paid veteran player who spent a good deal of time standing on the sidelines watching the action in street clothes while nursing injuries rather than contributing to the team’s efforts on the field.

How Tennis Can Use Tech to Enhance Player Training and the Fan Experience

The 2018 U.S. Open may be inextricably linked to the controversial women’s final between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, which Osaka won. But the U.S. Open, and the wider world of tennis, are also linked to something else: technology.

More Power! Breakthrough techniques to help you finish strong

Tired of slowing down at the end of races? Never again! Using physiology, psychology, sports nutrition and neuroscience, you can fix the fade forever. In this article, you’ll learn techniques to apply to your training so you have more power late in your races and you’ll also learn techniques to use within the race itself to give you the lift you need to power to the finish line.

Doug Pederson does it again: Why two-point decision was easy call

Oct 7, 2018 Seth WalderESPN Analytics Doug Pederson followed the numbers, bucked convention and got aggressive on fourth down during last year’s run to the Super Bowl LII title.

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