The Math Behind the Perfect Free Throw


March 6, 2018

The Math Behind the Perfect Free Throw

Some 20 years ago, my colleague Dr. Chau Tran and I developed a way to simulate the trajectories of millions of basketballs on the computer. We went to the coaches and assistant coaches at North Carolina State University, where we are based, and told them we had this uncommon ability to study basketball shots very carefully.

Catapult Sports Broadens Strategy, ‘Isn’t A Wearable Company’ Anymore

Wide receiver Nate Burleson had played 11 years in the NFL but, at age 33, sought one more opportunity with the Cleveland Browns in 2014. Determined to finish his career on a high note after a pair of disappointing seasons with the Detroit Lions, he was curious about the new options for wearable technology – up until the moment that ignoring the data hastened the end of his career.

Frans Bosch and Soccer Performance Training

Related to muscle slack is making the most of our elastic muscle properties in movements. Elasticity refers to the ability to return to normal resting length following a stretch. Our muscles have contractile elements and SEC (series elastic components) aka elastic elements such as our tendons and the intrinsic elasticity of the myofilaments.

Shoulder joint kinetics and dynamics during underwater forward arm elevation

Aquatic exercises are widely implemented into rehabilitation programs. However, both evaluating their mechanical demands on the musculoskeletal system…

Injury Prevalence in the AFL

Injury Prevalence in the AFL For the last 26 years the Australian Football League has conducted a yearly injury surveillance survey to identify common, severe and increasing incidences of injury, with the outcomes helping to direct research and funding into prevention strategies.

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