The Legal Paradox of Commoditizing Athlete Data Trade Secrets


August 2, 2018

The Legal Paradox of Commoditizing Athlete Data Trade Secrets

Trade secrets must remain secret to be protected. Athlete data-biometrics and tracking data-may be a trade secret if used for business purposes that provide an opportunity to obtain an economic advantage over competitors. That could be data used to consider drafting or signing athletes, player development and determining team composition, and player contract negotiations.

Better football coaching with accurate motion sensor data – Xampion

A seasoned football coach, such as myself, knows it is very hard to get indisputable facts from football training. Most times, we coaches think, hope or assume things during training sessions. A sports technology solution, such as Xampion sensors, can make the difference between thinking and knowing, assuming and facts.

Kinematic and kinetic analysis of the goalkeeper’s diving save in football

Kinetics and full body kinematics were measured in ten elite goalkeepers diving to save high and low balls at both sides of the goal, aiming to investigate their starting position, linear and angular momentum, and legs’ contribution to end-performance.

7 Upper Back Pulling Exercises for Athletes – SimpliFaster

A strong upper back isn’t just protection for athletes, it can also be a performance driver. Getting beyond the upper back work that is, by and large, bodybuilding and/or functional exercise, Coach William Wayland presents a selection of exercises he has found highly beneficial for purposeful upper back training.

Why Neck Training Should Be a Priority for Athletes – SimpliFaster

Even with all of the focus and research on concussions, the neck is still an afterthought when it comes to training. It’s time to change that, and treat the cervical spine as a priority. This article will get you started on developing and applying neck training to your strength and conditioning program today.

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