The Complete Guide to Sleep-Tracking Technology



November 9, 2017

The Complete Guide to Sleep-Tracking Technology – SimpliFaster

This guide should help answer all of your questions about sleep-tracking technology, including variables in data capture, choosing among device brands and options, and how to use the sleep data that’s collected. We provide an honest look at sleep technology, noting accuracy and usefulness.

Ultimate Rugby App Partners With Playertek For Performance Data

Ultimate Rugby almost certainly sounds like a version of the original game, but those in the rugby tech community know it as something else: an app that serves as fans’ primary mobile source for all things top-tier rugby.

How WHOOP Became a Beloved Wearable Among Pro Athletes

It was the beginning of summer, but the water felt ice cold as Ramses Alcaide submerged his body into the lake and swam under two floating barrels. When he emerged from the other side, he sensed something important missing.

Challenges of Sports Science in the US | Sparta Science

Sports Science is an umbrella term that has been applied to studies of psychology, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, and kinesiology (just to name a few) and how they apply to sport. Australia and the UK are often looked upon as leaders in this field, despite the multi-billion dollar sports industry here in the United States.

Bob Costas on the future of football: ‘This game destroys people’s brains’

CLOSE COLLEGE PARK, Md. – As far as longtime sports broadcaster Bob Costas is concerned, the future of football in the United States is clear – and bleak. “The reality is that this game destroys people’s brains,” he said Tuesday night.

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