The Coaching Revolution That Took Belgium To Top Of World


July 9, 2018

Coaching revolution that took Belgium to top of world

Written by Simon Austin – March 14, 2018 AT Euro 2000, Belgium suffered the ignominy of crashing out in the first round of a tournament they were co-hosting. What followed was a complete overhaul of the way that the country coached its youngsters, leading to a change in fortunes that saw the team rise from 66th in the Fifa World Rankings to the very top in 2015.

The Why, What, and How of Coaching Movement: Part 2

As practitioners we are all essentially coaches, and in our various realms we find ourselves directing athletes on how we want them to move.

Why Overuse May Not Be Baseball’s Problem for Pitchers

‘Overuse ‘ is being blamed for the eruption of Tommy John surgeries among baseball pitchers. Consequently, people in baseball have become hyper-focused on preventing overuse of the pitching arm. This has led to pitch counts, inning limits, and training guidelines that are more restrictive than ever before.

Game-Changing NFL Ball Tracking Data Will Be Shared League-Wide

Long before the 2018 NFL Draft, scouts and analysts all gushed over the raw arm strength of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. The Browns were said to be torn between taking Allen or Oklahoma’s Heisman winner, Baker Mayfield, with the first overall pick. Based purely on throwing attributes, evaluators assumed Allen was the clearly superior choice.

Ball Reversals or Paint Touches? Use Analytics to Learn What Drives Efficiency For Your Team.

In a study of twelve high division 1 college basketball programs, we gathered data to understand which had a greater impact on offensive efficiency – paint touches, ball reversals, or a combination of the two. To do so, we tracked the number of paint touches and ball reversals before a shot attempt, foul, or turnover in a half-court possession.

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