The Basics of Weight Training

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Weight training basics

Weight training is called many different things. Call it what you want. Just do it!

Other names for weight training

It can be called weight training, lifting, strength training or resistance training and/or working out.

The difference between weigh training, bodybuilding and power lifting

Bodybuilding is a sport, but it is weight training. I would also say that it is a lifestyle. Powerlifting is a sport, but it is weight training. Weightlifting is a sport, but it is weight training.

What is weight training?

The key is that you train or exercise using resistance against a normal or slightly greater than normal range of motion.

What is DCER?

In Exercise Physiology words weight training is called DCER which stands for Dynamic Constant External Resistance.

This means that weight training needs to be Dynamic (moving), Constant (tension stays on the muscles), External (the load comes from outside the body) Resistance (there must be a load).

Why weight training?

We know that weight training makes us stronger and adds muscle. Many people might think that it is not for them. It is.

Activities of Daily Living or ADL

At any age, we need to pay attention to ADL’s – which stand for Activities of Daily Living. Some of our most common reasons for people wanting to work out with us after middle age is for their ADL’s.

We want to continue to do things, right? That is the Fountain of Youth part – or a big part of it. We want to remain independent to the best of our abilities and improve our quality of life.

Think about getting out of a chair. Do you think that it’s no big deal? Well, I can tell you that I have seen too many seniors not being able to get up out of a chair as well as what they want to. That is a squat. If you work on squats and really improve them, getting out of a chair will stay easy. That is just one example.

The stronger we stay, the more our ADLs are improved.

The importance of muscle

Adding or keeping muscle is also critical. Why is that? Muscle is live metabolic tissue. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. It’s not about weight per se. It’s about muscle. The only way to increase our metabolism is to add muscle tissue.

CSA (Cross-Sectional Muscle Area)

In the exercise world, we call it CSA (cross-sectional muscle area). Gaining and maintaining strength and keeping our metabolism high are the biggest reasons for strength training, but let me list all of the benefits.

Benefits of weight training

1. Strength for daily activities

2. Metabolism

3. Appearance

4. Self-esteem

5. Mood improvement

6. Confidence

7. Better at sports

8. Less likely to get injured

9. Social improvement

10. Burn calories

Authored By: Rob Maxwell (learn about his education), M.A. Exercise Physiology, CSCS, and ACSM CPT from Follow him on Twitter.