The Apps and Gadgets the Sixers Use to Track Their Players


July 13, 2018

The apps and gadgets the Sixers use to track their players

Perhaps no team in professional sports exceeds the Sixers’ commitment to analytics and sports science, and they’re willing to share their knowledge about medicine and machines. The philosophy of using data to maximize performance is foundational to the vision that owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer conceived when they decided to rebuild the team from the ground up in 2013.

Lawson Craddock Shows the Toll of the Tour de France with Whoop

During the first stage of this year’s Tour de France, Lawson Craddock’s bike hit a water bottle near a feed station on the course. Craddock crashed, suffering a bloody cut above his left eye. Even worse, x-rays taken at the end of the day showed a hairline fracture of the scapula in his left shoulder.

NFL’s HeadHealthTech Winners Include Corsair’s Textile-Based Helmet Liner

A textile-based helmet liner, an impact-reducing field surface, and a safer face mask were announced as the latest winners of the NFL’s HeadHealthTech Challenge IV on Thursday. Corsair Innovations, which is developing the Fiber Energy Absorbing Material (FEAM) textile material for helmets, received a $168,504 grant, artificial turf manufacturer FieldTurf was given $195,000, and Mississippi State startup Yobel Technologies was awarded $20,000 to test its research on energy-absorbent face masks.


There is an undeniable analytics movement across basketball. Coaches from the professional ranks to youth programs are looking for better ways to gather and analyze information about their players and opponents. It is no surprise that the NBA, the world’s most advanced basketball league, has been a leader in the analytics movement.

The State of Soccer Tech – Darren Burgess, Arsenal

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, SportTechie and (N3XT Sports are surveying key soccer experts around the world to understand the current state of soccer technology and innovation.More soccer technology viewpoints.) Darren Burgess is the director of high performance at Arsenal.

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