Tennis Analytics and How IBM Watson Supports the USTA


August 30, 2018

Tennis Analytics and How IBM Watson Supports the USTA

At a meeting last year with staffers from IBM and the U.S. Tennis Association, former world No. 1 player Ivan Lendl recounted an insight he had gleaned from scouting Novak Djokovic against the player Lendl coached, Andy Murray. The Serbian star never hit a forehand down the line before the fourth shot of a rally.

AI Earbuds With Gait Analysis Offer Real-Time Coaching for Runners

Consumer audio company Soul Electronics has announced the launch of Run Free Pro Bio, a pair of AI-powered, wireless earphones with real-time voice coaching. The new earbuds are touted as the world’s first with gait analysis that tracks a runner’s cadence, symmetry, step length and width, balance, and even head tilt angle.

These Exercises Can Help Protect Female Soccer Players Avoid ACL Injuries

ACL injuries are incredibly common among female soccer players. Many of the sport’s biggest stars, such as Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, have suffered torn ACLs. ACL tears can leave a player sidelined for up to a year or more.

7 Reasons to Blood Test Athletes – SimpliFaster

By Carl Valle Blood testing is one of the most important ways to improve performance, facilitate recovery, and monitor training. It’s a gold standard that validates, integrates, and calibrates other systems in sports training. Blood offers the ultimate data set, and testing quarterly can change your program.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs in sports: implications for exercise performance and training adaptations. – PubMed – NCBI

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