tDCS Can Alter Your Physical Limits


April 23, 2018

tDCS Can Alter Your Physical Limits

Back in 2013, I wrote about a small experiment that felt like a very big deal. For years researchers had been debating whether the brain, for its own protection, keeps a hidden reserve of energy even when you’re pushed to what feels like your ultimate physical limits.

How to Design Modern Core Training Programs for Athletic Performance

By Carl Valle Every few weeks we see a new approach to core training or new core exercises, but core training is an old concept, starting before human beings began walking on two legs. Twenty years ago, the mythical hype behind core training was out of control, and now it’s come back full circle with more rehabilitation exercises that overpromise sports performance and injury resilience.

U.S. Soccer Wearables Deal Will Not Collect Player Data From Academies

The billion-dollar partnership between STATSports Group and the U.S. Soccer Federation, which the parties announced earlier this year, will encourage all members – whether part of the national teams or youth academies – to wear tracking devices but will not collect player-specific data from academy players. U.S.

In-Depth: How digital health is changing marathons

Forty mph winds pelted cold rain against the runners as they approached the Boston Marathon’s infamous Heartbreak Hill. It was just before this mark that runner Courtney Duckworth’s eyesight started to blur. She couldn’t tell if her senses were warped from the terrible weather conditions or if it was something more serious.

Can We Draw General Conclusions from Interval Training Studies?

Interval training (IT) has been used for many decades with the purpose of increasing performance and promoting health benefits while demanding a relatively small amount of time. IT can be defined as intermittent periods of intense exercise separated by periods of recovery and has been divided into high-intensity interval training (HIIT), sprint interval training (SIT), and repeated sprint training (RST).

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