Swing Paths: The Next Frontier in Baseball Analytics?


October 24, 2018

Swing paths: the next frontier in baseball analytics?

Each team keeps their proprietary analytics close to the vest, as well they should. If your front office found an advantage over your opponents, why would you want to share it? Nevertheless, secrets always come out eventually, and two sources this past weekend may have let slip a little too much information.

Why Overuse May Not Be Baseball’s Problem for Pitchers

‘Overuse ‘ is being blamed for the eruption of Tommy John surgeries among baseball pitchers. Consequently, people in baseball have become hyper-focused on preventing overuse of the pitching arm. This has led to pitch counts, inning limits, and training guidelines that are more restrictive than ever before.

RSPCT Adapts Rifle Sharpshooting Technology to Basketball

When Israeli sharpshooter Oren Moravchik competed in international events, he would lie prone with his rifle next to a monitor that relayed precise information about where on a target his previous shot had hit. This allowed Moravchik to make immediate adjustments before pulling the trigger again.

NFL in London: How big data is helping to change the game when it comes to player performance | ZDNet

Behind the excitement and razzmatazz of the NFL London Games in Wembley Stadium lies a new technical reality — connectivity and data is helping to bring a higher level of understanding to coaches and fans about how players are performing.

Latest research in football – week 33 – 2018

1 Speed synchronization, physical workload and match-to-match performance variation of elite football players Reference: PLoS One. 2018 Jul 24;13(7):e0200019. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0200019. eCollection 2018.

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