STRIVR Labs, DFB Partner To Make VR Training Work For Soccer



June 16, 2017

STRIVR Labs, DFB Partner To Make VR Training Work For Soccer

STRIVR Labs is bringing its virtual reality training system to the German Football Association (DFB) in a new technology partnership that will be the first foray by both organizations into virtual reality’s potential uses in soccer.

Improving Athletic Skill Is All About Timing

By Dan Peterson, TeamSnap’s Sports Science Expert Timing is everything, especially in sports. Swinging a golf club, hitting a baseball, or even kicking a soccer ball all involve our brain’s ability to integrate space and time.

From rugby field to Silicon Valley: the tech chief leading a sports injury revolution –

‘I’m getting old.” Stephen Smith is only 32 but, with two young children, already feels an affinity with living in the “quieter” surrounds of Palo Alto than downtown San Francisco. Smith’s more exuberant days may be behind him. But the energy around his company, Kitman Labs, appears to be gathering pace.

Is there an Ideal Footstrike for Runners?

Written by John Davis A topic that’s probably crossed every runner’s mind in the past year or two is footstrike style. With the rise of barefoot running and minimalist shoes, there’s an inevitable debate going on about the risks and benefits of the various types of footstrikes.

Pocket Radar changing how speed in sports is measured –

Stats in sports have become far more detailed in recent years. Additionally, peripheral stats have become tools used by far more scouts than we’ve seen in the past. For example, a pitcher’s speed has always been a relevant factor in determining his value.

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