STRIVR CEO Discusses Virtual Reality Training In NFL And College Football



September 20, 2017

STRIVR CEO Discusses Virtual Reality Training In NFL And College Football

This week’s guest on the SportTechie Podcast with Bram Weinstein is Derek Belch, Founder and CEO of STRIVR. Learn why Derek believes that if college and pro football teams are not using virtual reality training five years from now, no one will want to play for them.

Here Are The Latest NCAA Programs Partnering With Kinduct Technologies

James Madison University and North Carolina State University are the two latest schools to form partnerships with Kinduct, a leading data and analytics software provider, that will help the medical staffs, coaching staffs and athletes with additional information. JMU and NC State join schools like Louisville in this partnership, with the Cardinals and Kinduct joining forces back in 2016.

Athlete Monitoring & Frequency of Feedback by Mark Langley

A strength coach once defined his job as both imposing stress on athletes and managing it. We try to quantify this physical stress to reduce the incidence of injury and ensure the best possible outcomes of our training plans. By collecting the right data, you can draw general conclusions about

A Guide on Electrical Muscle Stimulation With Athletes – SimpliFaster

In the past, EMS was misunderstood and misused for a variety of reasons, including unclear and inconclusive research. But the last five years have witnessed a resurgence in EMS in sport, mainly due to its use by coaches and trainers Bill Knowles, Derek Hansen, and Henk Kraaijenhof.

The Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro: New Era of Samsung Wearables – Sports Wearable

Samsung again strikes with its latest wearable technology incorporating a wide variety of features ranging from robust fitness tracking, nutritional status monitoring, sleep tracking to motivational coaching. Designed to upgrade everyday lives of users and help them choose a healthy, balanced lifestyle; the new range of Samsung wearables supported by leading tech and fitness …

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